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  1. Gush Dan
    GIVATAYIM KORAZIM CBD 12 X 27 FL The masterplan for the industrial zone also includes 7 floor public building, a public park and square, around them 12 office towers and new roads connecting to the interchange. התקדמות באישור מתחם העסקים החדש של גבעתיים. הוועדה המחוזית לתכנון ולבניה מחוז תל...
  2. Gush Dan
    Givatayim Geva Towers floors: 2 x 14 fl start: 2013 completion: 2015
  3. Gush Dan
    Givat Shmuel Song Towers floors 3 x 21 fl start: 2013 complete: 2015 status: U/C
  4. Gush Dan
    Hi Tower Location: Givatayim City type: condominiums tower floors: 60 FL tower design: Yashar architects Render:
  5. Gush Dan
    Central Heights-Phase 2 Location: Arvei Nahal Type: condominiums Floors: 26FL Start : 2013 End : 2015 Team: developer: Mishab Ltd and Mivnei Ofir Ltd. design: Bar Hershkowic architects Photos 25.1.2012 They started to demolish the old train buildings : Ynet (he)
  6. Photo Forum
    Giva'tayim / double hills located at the hurt of Tel Aviv -Yaffo metro area, bordered with Tel-Aviv from the west and Ramat-Gan from the east. populated 47,000 inhabitants, ranked as no.2 city in socio-economic level off all Israeli cities...
1-7 of 7 Results