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  1. Economy and Tourism
    Tourism, as an industry, has been an important source of economic growth. While in 2006 the country hosted an estimated 6 million foreign tourists, in 2007, that number was increased to 7-8 million. The country has historical cities and towns, summer beaches, and mountain ski resorts. New types...
  2. Photography and Videos
    Guys, let's post only quality pictures, not any image that features a beach and a hotel. Elenite Resort: Duni Resort: Sveti Vlas: I am not sure where exactly this on the Bulgarian coast is: More of Duni:
  3. Economy and Tourism
    I finally decided to start a thread devoted to the construction boom on the Bulgarian Black Sea coast. It has its pros and cons and is highly controversial. Please post images, renderings of future developments, news or anything that might be appropriate. By the way, let's stay away from...
  4. Architecture, Arts and Design
    The swanky German hotel chain Kempinski opened its third hotel in Bulgaria. It is located in Golden Sands on the Black Sea coast and is the largets hotel that the German hospitality company manages in the world. The pictures below were taken from website.
1-4 of 4 Results