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  1. HEFEI | Anhui World Trade Center | 320m x 2 | 1050ft x 2 | Pro

    Proposed Supertalls
  2. Underrated Skyscrapers

    Which buildings get paid dust by the skyscraper lovers? IMO, ICC is pretty underrated. The facade reassembles some sort of fish scales and they reflect the light so beautifully.
  3. Extraterrestrial mining

    Space, Science & Technology
    One day we will surely dig out everything that we can get from the Earth. What then? Most probably, we'll need to look for the resources that can be found outside our little planet. So what is your thought on that? Will it be worth to fly to the "planet next door" and bring it to the Earth...
  4. Change The Skyline

    Basically just switch whichever building(s) to a specific city you think it would look or fit better in it. e.g. Photos AND text are fine.
  5. Polish Modern Architecture

    I want to present Polish contemporary architecture created by Polish and foreign architects. I will use various internet resources and it will be very random. Feel free to discuss anything related to this thread. I'll start with one of my favorites from Warsaw. Copernicus Science Center...
  6. Political Discussions | Дискусии за политика VOL. 3

    Politics and History Table
    2012 лека полека си заминава и идва изборната 2013г. Почти изтече първия мандат на ГЕРБ. Някои са разочаровани, други не. Имам благословията на Локум за новата тема, така че... Ако изборите бяха днес, за кой щяхте да гласувате? :)

    ISTANBUL - TURQUIE boomopolis 2 by doubay, on Flickr Manhattan by hilderik71, on Flickr Roofs under clouds... by Armagan Orki, on Flickr IMG_5529 by willsonworld, on Flickr Skyscrapers in Asian Side, Istanbul, Turkey, Panorama by SpirosK, on Flickr Skyscrapers & Groundbreakers...
  8. ANKARA | Paragon Tower | 127m | 417ft | 32 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Paragon Tower Ankara, Turkey HEIGHT: 127 m FLOORS: 32 fl ARCHITECT: -
  9. ISTANBUL | Renaissance Business Center | 186m | 38 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Renaissance Business Center Istanbul, Turkey HEIGHT: 185 m FLOORS: 38 fl Renaissance Tower is located on the Asian side of Istanbul at the intersection of the two major highways that connect the continents. Due to efforts coordinated by the government, the Atasehir area is emerging into a...
  10. ISTANBUL | Soyak Plaza | 165m | 37 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Soyak Plaza Istanbul, Turkey HEIGHT: 160 m FLOORS: 35 floors COMPLETION: 2012 ARCHITECT: Pei Cobb Freed & Partners Preparation work is underway for a new project to be located in the Turkish city of Istanbul. The project is being built to be the new headquarters for the Soyak Corporation and...
  11. ISTANBUL | Ikon | 149m | 42 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    The Ikon Istanbul, Turkey HEIGHT: 149 m FLOORS: 42 floors COMPLETION: 2011 ARCHITECT: Tago Architects Homepage
  12. ISTANBUL | Istanbul Tower 205 | 220m | 54 fl | T/O

    Faco Tower Istanbul, Turkey WINNING PROPOSAL HEIGHT: - FLOORS: - ARCHITECT: SOM İstanbul Tower, is being constructed by Zincir Yapı A.Ş. on Büyükdere Street which is the most prominent center of finance and work of İstanbul, on the estate of Turgut İlaçları A.Ş.. İstanbul Tower Levent is a...
  13. Hannover | Projekte in der Altstadt

    In diesem Thread kann über die Entwicklung im Altstadtbereich von Hannover diskutiert werden. Dazu gehören: Die alte Leineinsel / Umgestaltung des City-Rings im Rahmen der Initiative "Hannover 2020" Umgestaltung des Köbelinger Marktes Bebauung der Freiflächen in der Altstadt Entwicklungen am...
  14. WARSAW | Warsaw Spire | 220m | 722ft | 49 fl | Com

    DN Archives
    Structural height: 180 m Number of floors: 48 Investor: Ghelamco Architect: Jaspers Eyers & Partners Use: office & retail Office space: 100 000 m2 in a complex of 3 buildings latest renders: New renders...
  15. TEHUACÁN | Información y fotografías.