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  1. Gothenburg/Göteborg
    BRF Celsius Another highrise building at N Älvstrande in Gothenburg, Sweden. 70m, 23 floors tall with 91 apartments. Scheduled completion in summer 2024 .
  2. Europe and Africa
    Near one of the busiest streets of Gothenburg, Sweden, a large hotel complex (one of the largest in Europe) is being built, which will cover 330.000 sq. m. of area and will be formed of the three towers (two of which already exist): 'Gothia East (Tower)' (80 m, 21 fl. -> (after a few floors will...
  3. Photos
    Me again! Blog updated with photos from Gothenburg. A great, compact little city with lots of funky shops and great coffee! Sample below:
  4. DN Archives
    Country: Sweden; Place: Göteborg (Gothenburg), Mässans gata; Name of the project: 'Gothia Triple Towers'; Architect/Constructor: 'PEAB AB'; Purpose: one of the five largest hotel complexes in Europe; Internals: near one of the busiest streets of Gothenburg a large hotel complex is being built...
  5. General Urban Developments
    Älvstaden/River city is a large sustainable project to be developed in the central area of Gothenburg (the second largest city in Sweden). The main task of this project is to develop a new and exciting city center of Gothenburg by urbanising and converting the harbour area into dynamic and...
  6. Gothenburg/Göteborg
    Gothenburg is the second largest city in Sweden, located in Västra Götaland county, and is a place where such large companies like 'Volvo' or 'SAAB' were established. Also, the city is known for the largest port in Scandinavia which has some of the most up to date facillities. Gothenburg has...
  7. Gothenburg/Göteborg
    Gothia Towers bygger ett tredje torn! Göteborg får Europas största helintegrerade hotell-, mäss och konferensanläggning när hotell Gothia Towers nu bygger sitt tredje och högsta torn och samtidigt bygger på befintliga East Tower. Det nya tornet och påbyggnaden, som skall vara klart andra...
  8. Completed
    One of the most decorated indoor arenas in the world... The SCANDINAVIUM Constructed from 1969 to 1971, the Scandinavium has hosted many top-tier events, such as the European Athletics Championships in 1974-1984, and 2013, the 1981 and 2002 World Ice Hockey Championships, the 1985 Eurovision...
  9. Completed
    Gothenburg (Swedish: Göteborg) Ullevi was used for several matches in EURO 92, including the final. It also hosted the 1995 World Championships in Athletics, the UEFA Cup Winners' Cup finals in 1983 and 1990, and the UEFA Cup final in 2004...
  10. Photos
    Here is a thread for cool pictures from the heart of Scandinavia, Gothenburg. Feel free to add pics of your own. I will start off. There are underground spaces all around the city. In the pic you see the spaces under the port. It was constructed to store petrol in times of war. But recently...
  11. Photos
    Göteborg is a very vertical city. The best way to capture it is to turn your cam 90 degrees. Otherwise you wont fit all the verticalness in the frame. So here we go!
  12. Photos
    Everyone is welcome to post pictures of skylines (only) of N&B (only) cities around 100k +. This would enable easy evaluation, comparison and search for them. 2 pics per day per individual would keep it easy to go over. P.S. If there is a similar thread delete this one or merge it. Riga...
  13. Subways and Urban Transport
    Göteborg Sweden (Photos) Lisebergslinjen in Göteborg! Trams!
  14. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Here are some recent pix from my city. Hope you like them!
  15. Gothenburg/Göteborg
    Västra Eriksberg is going to be developed for housing the coming years. Here is a nice movie clip about it. I like the 3D-model and the aerial views of it. You also see what the redeveloped waterfront looks like today. It's not really central so bear with the suburban look...
  16. Rate Our Skylines
    Gothenburg Land:Sweden Inhabitants:810,372 including suburb
1-16 of 16 Results