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  1. Visit United Kingdom Of Great Britain

    The Urban Tourist
    Visit United Kingdom Of Great Britain United Kingdom The United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland[nb 5] (commonly known as the United Kingdom, the UK, or Britain) is a sovereign state located off the north-western coast of continental Europe. The country includes the island...
  2. The GREAT NORTH RUN - The UK's biggest Road Race / The World's biggest Half Marathon

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . The Journal - Friday September 28th 1990. We have just had the 30th Great North Run, this was the TENTH. Bit of a coincidence with this year, as 'yet again' I was going to run, but didn't . . . OR (more like) I just DIDN'T!! . . . As ever, I am happy to do enlargements of particular...
  3. [Architektura] Wielka Brytania - Architektura Współczesna

    Architektura i Urbanistyka
    Zaczynam nowy wątek coby forum odżyło. Na początek nie będzie Fostera, ani wieżowców tylko nudna mieszkaniówka bez fajerwerków;) : 1. Abbots Wharf - Tower Hamlets, London Architekci: Jestico + Whiles 2. Abode - Newhall...
  4. SPORTS CENTER: What we watch and what we play

    Sports Center
    I'm surprised we don't have a cycling thread yet. Well its spring and many people are starting to take out their bicycles and storing their skis/snowboards away. It was 20c today, the warmest day of the year so far so I took out my bike hoping to ride for a couple hours, but my tires were...
  5. [Wyspy Brytyjskie] Infrastruktura drogowa

    Infrastruktura drogowa
    Oto fotorelacja z sierpnia roku 2005, trochę sóźniona. Będzie to fragment drogi z Edynburga do Glasgow w Szkocji. (M8 E16). No to jedziemy Wyjeżdżamy z Edynburga. Na początek 2/2+ awaryjny I dojechaliśmy do Glesgow, autostrada przechodzi niemalże przez centrum miasta. i mamy po...
  6. REINO UNIDO | Ferrocarriles

    Infraestructuras | Resto del mundo
    Buenas. Ahora que estoy pasando un tiempo por aquí, he pensado que os voy a hacer un mini-reportaje multimedia (que suena mejor que decir "con vídeos y alguna foto", jeje) sobre el servicio general de trenes que ofrece la compañía SouthEastern, que opera principalmente conectando los diferentes...
  7. London • City - UK

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    The City of London The City of London is the main financial district in London. It is a major centre of global finance, rivalled only by Wall Street in New York. The City is governed by the Corporation of London, an ancient body headed by the Lord Mayor of London. The City also has its own...