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  1. Architecture
    Hey guys, Please share Green/Sustainable/Eco-Friendly buildings in your city/region/country. I will start with my hometown, Vancouver. Green Vancouver Vancouver wants to establish itself as “the greenest city in the world by 2020” by demonstrating that economic growth and the welfare of...
  2. General Iran
    Some projects in sofe This castle"shah dej" is now accessible by telecabin namaz khane
  3. Newcastle Metro Area
    The UK should be one of the world centres for wind power if we really commit to it, and obviously the north sea would be one of the main places to put new turbines. I wouldn't pin too much hope on it as it is early days yet. I think there is a turbine factory planned for somewhere in the east...
  4. Almaty City and Metro Area
    G4 Сити - новые города возле Алматы - грандиозный проект Идея проекта Концепция развития города Алматы предусматривает развитие города в северном направлении. В частности, в направлении Алматы - Капчагай планируется реализация проектов транспортно-дорожного и сервисного развития с...
  5. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Projectos em Londres (uso de vidro)!! So deixo aqui alguns exemplos do uso do vidro na construcao em Londres que eu pessoalmente gostaria de ver em Lisboa. Muitos novos predios em Lisboa usam muito betao e tinta e sinceramente espero que os nossos arquitectos abram os olhos e vao ver como se...
1-5 of 5 Results