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  1. A.h.m.e.d.a.b.a.d. - India - My collection

    Urban Showcase
    Ahmedabad is the largest city in the state of Gujarat, 7th largest urban agglomeration in India and 46th in the world. As of 2015 it has a population of ~7.5 million. The city lies on the western side of India and the river Sabarmati splits the city in 2 neat halves. More info about the city...
  2. SHELA | Applewoods Township | 128 Acres | 90,00,000 sq ft | U/C

    A 128 acre township located on the Sardar Patel Ring Road, Shela, Ahmedabad. Website Developed by Sandesh Group, designed by Burt Hill (USA), HCPDPM, Abhimanyu Dalal Architects, 99 Studios, Jagrut Patel, Aniket Bhagwat Architects etc. Total developed area of 90,00,000 sq ft with 15,000...
  3. Kharicut Canal Beautification Project

    Kharicut Canal is a 20 metre wide canal flowing through Eastern Ahmedabad for nearly 20 kilometres. Due to years of neglect and sewage openings in the canal, it had become an eyesore to the people and emitted a foul odour. To relieve the people, the Amdavad Municipal Corporation (AMC) and the...
  4. GUJARAT INT'l FINANCE TEC-CITY (GIFT) | Block Package Q | 33 fl x 3 | 29 fl x 2 | U/C

    GIFT City - Block Q Overview of Block Package: QC1 (Commercial) 122mtrs Basement + Ground + 28 floors 700,000 sqft BUA District Cooling Integrated Garbage Disposal System Topped Off: Sept 2012 link QC2 (Commercial) 122 mtrs Basement + Ground + 28 floors 700,000 sq ft BUA District...
  5. Gujarat Power Plants & Projects

    Gujarat Power Plants Existing Scenario - Summary 4996MW: Gujarat State Electricity Corporation 1216MW: Other Govt of Gujarat Public Sector Utility Companies 8732.5MW: Private Sector 1993 MW: Gujarat allocation from Central Govt Power plants in Gujarat 2219MW: Gujarat allocation from Central...
  6. Hazira Port, Projects & Industries

    Hazira, a Port & Industrial area to the west of Surat is home to a number of major industrial groups, most of which with their own captive power plants and port jetties. This thread will aim to track investments and developments in the Hazira region. Brief Connected to Surat and beyond by...
  7. Gujarat Solar Power Thread

    Gujarat aims to position itself at the forefront of Indias Solar Power sector. Lets use this thread to track the progress on this front. :okay: Summary of major operational plants: 597MW (based on confirmed data as at 19 Apr 2012) Details of projects Ordered chronologically. For phased...
  8. Gujarat Auto Industries Thread

    Auto Majors
  9. Bhadra Plaza Redevelopment Project | U/C

    Bhadra Fort Redevelopment Project *Heritage Conservation in heart of Walled City: approx 600yrs old *Restoration of Fort Wall *Pedestrian zone + Pedestrian Bridge across Sabarmati Riverfront *Open spaces + Trees to create more welcoming environment *Project of Ahmedabad Municipal Corporation...
  10. JASPUR | Adani Shantigram | 600 Acres | U/C

    Adani Group - Shantigram Township - U/C Shantigram - Official Website
  11. JAGATPUR | Godrej Garden City | 250 Acres | U/C

    Godrej Garden City Jagatpur, NW Ahmedabad (Nr SG Highway) *5000 Cr *250 Acres *Eco-Friendly Township, zero net emissions *SOM Architects (of Burj Khalifa) *Construction by L&T Spread over 250 acres of land, Godrej Garden City proposes to house over 13,000 apartments and villas, 40...
  12. GSRTC Updates,Developments,Photos & Discussions

    GSRTC Updates,Developments,Photos & Discussions Gujarat State Road Transport Corporation (GSRTC) is a passenger transport organisation providing bus services both within Gujarat and neighbouring states. GSRTC came into existence on 1st May, 1960 on formation of Gujarat. From a modest...
  13. Gujarat | Heritage Structures

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Decided to make this thread to showcase some of the heritage/historic sites in Gujarat that the wider population may or may not be aware of. Promotional shorts feat Amitabh Bachan All vids by Gujarat Tourism.
  14. Surat Cityscapes

    Indian Cityscapes & Townscapes
    It deserves it's own thread. It's one of our largest, cleanest and richest cities. Wiki Copyright tarunyadav1989 Athwagate Flyover Copyright Vikram Barthwal
  15. Surat | BRTS (Sitilink)

    Railways and Transportation
    Surat Sitilink (BRTS) cc Krunal.Smart Design for the bus stops is being done by S Team Designs (website) Background Following the Successful rollout of BRTS in Ahmedabad, Surat is soon set to implement the Rs 78 Crore 1st Phase of its own System that aims to revitalise public transport...
  16. AHMEDABAD | Public Transport

    Subways and Urban Transport
    was surprised no one made a thread for this .. or has ne1 ,, ?? :shifty: cudnt find ne ..
  17. Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar | Metro

    Railways and Transportation
    Official Website MetroLink Express Ahmedabad-Gandhinagar (MEGA) is the long awaited metro-rail service for both the Political and Financial Capitals of Gujarat. PHASE 1 ROUTES North-South = 17.23 km from APMC to Motera Stadium | Completely Elevated East-West = 20.54 km from Thaltej Gam to...
  18. India's "Diamond City" Surat

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    (This post is a continuation of a series I started earlier featuring Ahmedabad, Rajkot and Baroda in Gujarat) Surat - the commercial capital of South Gujarat is known for its numerous diamond processing units. Here are some glimpses of the city: (Photo credit: all credit/copyrights for these...
  19. GANDHINAGAR | Diamond Tower | 400m | 1312ft | 87 fl | App

    Proposed Supertalls
    The Diamond Tower -- Gujarat International Finance Tec-City, Gandhinagar India's tallest all-commercial tower! The Diamond Tower is crowning centerpiece of India's largest greenfield megaproject, the Gujarat International Finance Tec-City (GIFT) The 87-floor Diamond Tower will be India's...
  20. Gujarat | Sardar Sarovar and its Canal Network

    GUJARAT: Indian Engineering Marvel – Sardar Sarovar and its Canal Network And RIVER LINKING PROJECT IN GUJARAT Guys I created this tread to spread the word of an engineering marvel that has already made life prosperous of thousands of villagers in Gujarat. The Narmada Dam Project, is a...