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  1. Asia and Australia
    Harbin Exhibition Center Hotel Harbin, China HEIGHT: 170m/570 feet FLOORS: 38 floors COMPLETION: 2004 ARCHITECT:: ?
  2. Subways and Urban Transport
    Harbin Metro is a metro system under construction since 2003, to serve the city of Harbin, Heilongjiang, China. Harbin has nine lines planned part of the planned total mileage of 340 km. Currently, the line 1 and 3 are under construction, Line 2 will start in the near future, and the remaining...
  3. DN Archives
  4. Urban Showcase
    Let's start with Nanjing. Quite unknown, tourists rather skip this city when coming to China but with a lot of interesting histroricla places to see, such as Sun Yatsen's mausoleum, a holocaust memorial site reminding us of the 1937 massacre, some temples geradens, a huge city wall, an old...
  5. Projects & Infrastructure / 在建项目与基础设施
    trains made by Changchun car company are ready for the new Wuhan light rail. The light rail will be commissioned next year. It is under trial now. 供电线路紧贴轨道 武汉轻轨没有“蛛网” (2003-11-17 06:24:11) 荆楚在线消息(楚天都市报)上海等地的轻轨,架在空中的供电线路像蛛网一般。而武汉轻轨一号线一期工程因为供电线路采用了新的铺设方式,不会给人以蛛网般的感觉。...
1-5 of 5 Results