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  1. North and South America
    Goodwin Square Hartford, United States HEIGHT: 159m/686feet FLOORS: 30 floors COMPLETION: 1990 ARCHITECT: skidmore owings merrill
  2. North and South America
    City Place I and II Hartford, United States HEIGHT: 164m/547feet 82m/273feet FLOORS: 38fl/18fl COMPLETION: 1980/1989 ARCHITECT: skidmore owings and merrill city place I, the tallest city place II, the short...
  3. The Urban Tourist and Much More
    Hello, I am 10ROT and this is my first photo thread. :) Here are some pics of the downtown of the city that I live in, Hartford. It is in the state of Connecticut, which is in the New England section of the US...almost perfectly between New York and Boston. I took these pics last Saturday on a...
  4. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    Hello, and welcome to the Hartford Development News thread. All Greater Hartford development will go on this thread from now on. I have been asked to split Hartford, and it will happen now. I WILL continue to post in the parent thread, Connecticut Development News, but that will be development...
  5. Northeast and MidAtlantic Development News
    I think, if other cities/states have a development thread, why not CT? I will try to add development news for Hartford, any more in the city and the state is not only welcome but needed. Here we go, good news...DT Hartford getting residential, one baby step at a time...
  6. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Nova Inglaterra (em inglês: New England) é uma região geográfica extraoficial de grande valor histórico dos Estados Unidos, localizada na ponta nordeste do país. Boston é seu centro cultural e econômico, bem como sua cidade mais populosa.
1-6 of 6 Results