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  1. Netanya and Sharon
    HERZLIYA Herzliya Hills 6 x 18 fl | u/c start: 1/2015 completion: 2018
  2. Netanya and Sharon
    HERZLIYA | Pivko Glil Yam | 26 fl | Appd (A new suburb of Herzliya, starting construction 2014) Pivko Glil Yam 26 Fl Pivko architects
  3. Netanya and Sharon
    HERZLIYA ISSTA / Marriott Herzliya business hotel ISSTA Hotels & Travel Company has signed a deal with Marriott Hotels to manage its new business hotel, currently under construction in Herzliya Pituach, next to the city's High-Tech zone. The hotel will be a four star and will include 160...
  4. Netanya and Sharon
    The Zappa music-club Herzliya opened in their new cube-hall, on top of the Business Park mall. The Zappa Herzliya is a 350 seats performances club. בית חדש נחנך לפני כשבוע: מועדון ההופעות "זאפה" הרצליה העתיק את מיקומו לגג המרכז המסחרי ביזנס פארק (המוכר יותר בשם "אאוטלט הרצליה") ברחוב מדינת...
  5. Gush Dan
    Herzliya Sea View office complex location: Herzliya IT park 2 x 9 fl start: 2011 complete: 8/2013 by Acro Group
  6. Gush Dan
    Herzliya Amisragas Center Location: Herzliya hi-tech hub status: u/c floors: 6-17 fl developer: Amisragaz architects: MYS architects
  7. Netanya and Sharon
    All news about renders, U/C projects, renovation, real estate and urban development in Herzliya, Ra'anana, Kfar-Saba and other southern Sharon cities and towns.
  8. Photo Forum
    Herzeliya, named after Benjamine Ze'ev Herzel (1860-1904), population 90,000 considered one of Israel's wealthiest cities due to its high income per capita in some neighborhoods where diplomats and businessman have luxury homes next to the sea. Established in 1924, in 10 years the 8th largest...
1-8 of 8 Results