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  1. RESTON | Reston Gateway | 420ft | 128m | 35 fl | U/C

    Development News
    Pair of office towers under construction near Reston Town Center, the taller of which might stand as tall as 420 feet. Will house over 1 million sq ft of office space, with the principal tenant being Fannie Mae. When completed, this will be the tallest building in Reston and the second tallest...
  2. RESTON | Halley Rise | U/C

    Development News
    Reston mixed-use development under construction near the future Silver Line metro station. The tallest approved building will be around 300 feet tall. Website Master Plan designed by MVA. Rendering: First building under construction as of January 2020: Rendering of completed building:
  3. bad construction work in China

    Architecture Can't tell where and what building that is.
  4. JERSEY CITY | Harborside Plaza 4 | 450 FT | 38 FLOORS | Pro

    New Jersey
    Mack-Cali announces plans for Harborside 4 project in Jersey City, partnering with SJP Source :
  5. RICHMOND | 111 S. Sixth St. (Richmond Plaza Redevelopment) | 413 ft | 20 Fl | UC

    Southeast Development News
    This might be a two-towered development. Demolition on the Richmond Plaza is underway to make way for the first tower's construction. additional renderings:
  6. JERSEY CITY | Park and Shore (75 Park Lane) | 37 fl | Com

    New Jersey
    Jersey City Development 75 Park Lane South Newport Tower Rendering Credit: Marchetto Higgins Stieve Source :
  7. NEWARK | Downtown | 50 Rector Park (45 Rector Street) | 26 fl | Com

    New Jersey
    Rendering... Read the Full Article from November here
  8. ALIA | 200 Central | 483 ft | 42 stories (Canceled)

    Minneapolis-Saint Paul
    Floor Count: 40 Location: 200 Central Avenue Northeast Developer: Alatus Architect: Humphreys & Partners & ESG
  9. Bijuming virtual capital city 3Ds projects

    3D Designs
    URIX PLAZA :148 floor: previous page >
  10. LAUSANNE | Quartier Les Cèdres | 140m | 420ft | App

    Proposed Highrises
    Here is a proposed highrise in Chavannes-près-Renens, near Lausanne (Switzerland). This area is strategic for agglomeration development (around 2015), but the high rise is not definitely accepted. Architect: Dahl & Richter
  11. Derwent Tower (Dunston Rocket) Demolition & Redevelopment as "Derwent Heights" Residential | Gateshead | Various | U/C

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . I don't know whether people think we should have a specific 'Project Thread' for this? In the meantime . . . Dunston Rocket tower vision gets approval October 20th 2010, by Tony Henderson, Evening Chronicle A VISION for the area around the landmark Dunston Rocket tower block has been...
  12. Building Height Restrictions in Cities

    Just wondering if people could help me with the current building height restrictions in the following cities??? Lyon, Copenhagen, Helsinki, Amsterdam, Stockholm and Berlin Difficult to find the legislation or links relating to these so I am opening it to the masses and hoping get some help...
  13. Sunderland and Durham Area - Tall & High Rise Buildings

    Sunderland and Durham
    This being a site originally dedicated to high-rise buildings, I thought I'd re-post this fairly comprehensive summary of the tall buildings in and around Sunderland, which initially appeared on another forum somewhere on this website. Feel free to add your pictures and comments about the...
  14. Brisbane CBD Districts

    Everything else
    .. ..
  15. Designs and their Designers

    Infrastructure, Transportation & Economy
    Building Name - Celestial Tower Designer/Architect/Consultant - Design Consortium Limited Client- Ceylinco Info- 45 Stories, 176 apartments+Hotel with 246 rooms. Status- Construction up to podium level.
  16. Panoramic views on skyscraper rooftops

    Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Hi, in Brussels some new projects for highrise are planned. A residential tower along the canal and a office building for the European Commission in the Eurpean District. But, I think that is very important that the topfloor should be accessible for the public, to have a beautiful panoramic...
  17. Hoogbouw Internationaal

    Mijn broer attendeerde me op een toren in Londen... Ik weet niet of deze bij jullie al bekend is (waarschijnlijk wel maar goed, je weet maar nooit :) ) In ieder geval een mooie site
  18. Glasgow Tower Blocks

    Glasgow Metro Area
    Hi there. This is the same general Idea as the British Tower Blocks thread but for Glasgow as we seem to have an awful lot up here. Anyway just post pictures of Tower blocks in the city.:)
  19. Lanco Hills | Multiple Towers - Mixed Use | Under Construction

    ======================================== EDIT - Jun, 2007. Below are the newest renderings Please see Page 11 of this thread for details! ======================================== ======================================== EDIT - 29 May, 2007. Below are the new renderings Please see...