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  1. South East England
    How do people on the South Coast and East Anglia feel about HS2? Is there demand for it in cities like Southampton and Portsmouth or Ipswich and Norwich? I support HS2 but I think it should go further than just the Midlands and North. Perhaps we could build a line from London to Southampton...
  2. Transportation
    This thread is for general discussions , news , photos , and videos about the MARC Penn line.. MP-36 #17 by Ryan Stavely, on Flickr 02a.MARC.PennLine.520.Northbound.19August2011 by Elvert Barnes, on Flickr 4915 HHP by Matt' Johnson, on Flickr MARC Commuter Rail: Penn Line train to...
  3. New Jersey
    Read Full Article here Some Recent Catenary replacement photos... New NEC Catenary by Corey Best, on Flickr New NEC Catenary by Corey Best, on Flickr
  4. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    . Liverpool reflected in the Mersey: "Collaborating with other cities and other countries is the future, and it helps to be able to shape much of that future ourselves," says elected mayor Joe Anderson. Will the north follow Scotland and search for greater power? The most remarkable thing...
  5. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    Please keep discussion of where HS2 should or shouldn't go, and any other fantasy HSR discussions here please, and out of the main HS2 thread.
  6. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    In an unusual case of creativity, the Treasury has drawn a map: You can see what we are getting in the image: The BBC summary is on: .
  7. Sheffield Transportation and Infrastructure
    Although heavily discussed in the ‘Your Sheffield Transport Solutions’ thread, as this will be the biggest transport infrastructure for Sheffield in our lifetime, I thought HS2 deserved its own thread. With the announcement of the routes imminent, interesting article in this weeks Telegraph...
  8. Baltimore / Washington DC
    DC Mud Train shed looking southwest Amtrak
  9. Leeds Metro Area
    Hey people, Just thought I'd start a dedicated thread to HS2 in West Yorkshire, because in particular I'd like to hear your opinions for the location the station should be situated. Like someone else who has already made a thread in the Sheffield sub-forum, I've (attempted, at least!) to put a...
  10. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    the government have just announced that they will delay the decision on the future of HS2 until mid january 2012 as oppose to the original date of the 20th of december 2011. Given the support from many in the conservative part of the coalition for the project (and the clear need for the country...
  11. Leeds City Region Transport Projects London Tube ‘blackmail’ angers Northern high-speed rail lobby Wednesday 29 June 2011 06:00 LONDON transport bosses have been accused of “blackmail” after saying that a...
  12. Southeast
    Southeast Transit/Commuter Rail/HSR Thread For discussion and news regarding urban transit, regional commuter rail and high speed rail projects in the Southeast!
  13. Railways
    This Thread is all about the High Speed Rail in South East Asia. As according to political map, South East Asia included Brunei, Burma, Cambodia, Timor Laste, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam. Some Proposed High Speed Rail in South East Asia (SEA)...
  14. Taiwan • 台灣
    Would anyone know what the platform height is for Taiwanese High Speed Trains? I am trying to find out if there is something like a world standard, which the USA should adopt also.
  15. Railways
    This is a thread for discussion of high speed rail proposals in Australia. These include the Brisbane - Sydney - Canberra - Melbourne proposal, the Bunbury - Perth proposal and any other proposals that may pop up. This is NOT a place to discuss Victoria's Regional Fast Rail, as it is not a true...
  16. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    I don't understand why the UK estabilishment doesn't catch the opportunity of a MAGLEV infrastructure from London to Glascow. Traditional HSR is the past, isn't it? In addition, UK are an island having only one connection with the continent in the south part (EUROTUNNEL), so where's the...
  17. Transport, Urban Planning and Infrastructure
    here is a proposal I've been working on for a Northern HSR linking the main Northern cities which would effectively merge them and make them very commutable, which would encourage growth. and with HS2 to London it would make the new 'Nothern Conurbation' very attractive to businesses. much like...
1-17 of 44 Results