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  1. Highrises
    this mega project has been meandering its way through the development process, with DOB filings submitted under 65 Private Drive, 27 West Street and 37 West Street. Renderings and documents show the scope this project will eventually take. The FAA is evaluating a proposed height of 439ft at 27...
  2. Brooklyn & Staten Island
    Revealed: 125 Edgewater Street, Three-Building, 400-Unit Residential Project in Rosebank, Staten Island rendering:
  3. United States Urban Issues
    How and why did your metro's edge city, or other highrise clusters, whether in the city limits or in the suburbs, develop where it is? Is it related to transportation? Did it grow around an interchange, or major intersection, or along a major road? Did it grow around a major train station or...
1-3 of 3 Results