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  1. Scale Models
    Hey friends, I am looking for scale model templates of museums from around the world or Historical sights. Please and thank you
  2. Industrial Ages
    Schulhaus Hirschengraben / Hirschengraben School The Hirschengraben School was the most prestigious school building in Zürich when it was built, and it is the most decorated school building in Switzerland Years of construction: 1892 - 1894 Original and current use: public school building...
  3. Industrial Ages
    Years of construction: 1885 - 1888 Original use: private mansion Current use: office and public park 01.10.2017, Part 1:
  4. Industrial Ages
    Year of construction: 1913 Original use: private mansion Current use: office and museum 30.09.2017, Part 1:
  5. Industrial Ages
    Villa dem Schönen (Mansion of the Beauty) Years of construction: 1898 - 1904 Original use: private mansion (probably the largest single family home in Zürich) Current use: school building (artistic high school) 30.09.2017, Part 1:
  6. New York City Area Photos
    Design Confirmed for 92-100 Vandam Street, Hudson Square
  7. Classic Architecture
    Go on a virtual tour inside more than 1'500 decorated historic buildings all over the world! A ___ Algeria __________ Argentina __________ Armenia __________ Australia __________ Austria __________ Azerbaijan __________ B ___ Belarus __________ Belgium __________ Bolivia __________...
  8. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Let's share pictures and information about grand, stately buildings of the late 19th century to the early 20th century, around the time frame of 1870-1914 (Franco-Prussian War till WWI). Please don't just post pictures, but also post some information about the buildinga. Let me kick this thread...
  9. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    The Marinid Madrassa | المدرسة المرينية Name : The Marinid Medersa/Madrassa Location : Morocco, Medina of Taza Construction date/period : XIVth century Ad - 1323 Ad [1] Source : 1
  10. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Kasba Nesrani | قصبة النصراني Google maps Name : Kasba nesrani [1]- Kasbat Nessrani/nassrani Location : Morocco, region of Meknes, exact coordination : 34.00742 -5.385411 Construction date/period : XIth century Ad [1] We don't know much about this kasbah, except its construction date...
  11. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Places of worship and the cistern in the fortified city of Mazagan English : Name : The Portuguese fortified city of Mazagan Place : The Province of al-Jadīda, Morocco Construction date/period : AD 1514 Construction materials : Stone and mortar Dimensions : church: 44m x 12m; cistern: 47m x...
  12. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Aqueduct | Aqueduc English : An aqueduct is a watercourse constructed to convey water. In modern engineering, the term aqueduct is used for any system of pipes, ditches, canals, tunnels, and other structures used for this purpose. The term aqueduct also often refers specifically to a bridge...
  13. Heritage and Monuments
    Mosquée de Sidi Bou Maiza - Sayyidi Abû Maiza Nom : Mosquée du Vieux Ténès Lieu : Algérie, vieux Ténès (à 1 km de la ville actuelle de Ténès) Date/période de construction : IXe-XIe siècles Matériaux de construction : Grès, calcaire, tuile, mortier de plâtre, mortier de chaux, brique, pierre...
  14. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Thinking about Berlin, many people envision a modern, hip, gritty and sometimes quite ugly city. Picture galleries here on Skyscrapercity and elsewhere on the internet mostly portrait exactly that kind of image. So, many people, that haven't even visited Berlin yet, get the impression, that...
  15. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Post photos from the "old town" or oldest area of your European city or town. Looking forward to some great posts! Remember to source :)
  16. Cityscapes
    C'est un village fortifié tout prêt de Tafraout.
  17. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    *EDIT: I AM SORRY, IMAGESHACK DELETED ALL MY IMAGES FOR UNKOWN REASON * Hello, first i don't own any of the pictures. The copyright has and Microsoft! Which materials were used? "A newly discovered collection of more than 3,000 aerial photographs of Germany before and during...
  18. Dresden
    Info von Moderator Erbse: Dieser Themenstrang dient der Information und Diskussion rund um das alte Dreden. Historische Fotos und Vorkriegsansichten, Postkarten, zerstörte oder abgerissene Gebäude, (entstellte) historische Bauten, gründerzeitliche und frühmoderne Abrisse und Durchbrüche...
  19. European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    Hello to all users no matter whether you liked to look only pictures or my Elbflorenz by pictures and information would like to get to know, take you a little time and look everything. I will start of course at the beginning with known from Dresden, but with the time you will get to know...
  20. Skyscrapers
    My favorite skyscrapers are ones from the early 1900's. New York has the best collection of them by far. Chicago has a few. However, can you post photos of such buildings (of at least 30 stories) from your city? Here are some of my favorites in NY: 40 Wall Street The Municipal Building...
1-20 of 21 Results