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  1. Low-Rise
    Lee Rubber Building was designed by Arthur Oakley Coltman of the Booty Edwards & Partners company. It was built in 1930 featuring art deco style. More:
  2. Tunisie
    Mejez al-Bab Bridge Name : Mejez al-Bab Bridge Place : Tunisia Construction date/period : AH 1087/AD 1677 Construction materials : Free stone Recipient/Mandatory : Muhammad (r.1675–1699), son of Murad II, great-grandson of Murad I (1613–1631) To this day this fine monument is a vital...
  3. Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Cromlech de M'zora English : Msoura (also Mzoura) is the site of a stone circle of northern Morocco. It is located 25 kilometres south of Asilah and consists of 167 monoliths surrounding a tumulus of almost 55 metres of diameter. One of the monoliths, known as El Uted (the pointer) measures...
  4. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    The Oldest Known Photos of Toronto
  5. Southeast
    Dallas 1950s 1960s 1970s 1980s Before and After 1982 2004
  6. United States Urban Issues
    We have probably all seen old photos of New York City but what about the rest of the country? San Francisco 1945 Philadelphia 1935
  7. New York City Area Photos
    When i see old pics of NY i am always amazed by it.That's why i made this thread. And if you can find some old pics of NY ,post them here as well! The Empire State Building Plane Crash B-25 Bomber hits the 78th floor,juli 28, 1945!! Empire state building...
1-7 of 8 Results