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  1. Estilos arquitectónicos en Chile

    Arquitectura y Urbanismo
    Un hilo trascendental para nuestro foro, un espacio para debates, reconocimiento, y documentación visual y escrita: Estilos arquitectónicos del pasado, presente y futuro de Chile Historia de la arquitectura en Chile Corrientes y credos arquitectónicos en Chile
  2. Heritage Open Days - 2018

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Picked this leaflet up at the library which gives details of this years Heritage Open Days. Hosted on
  3. Heritage Open Days - 2017

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . Heritage Open Days 2017 will soon be with us. This amazing annual event will run from 7th to 10th September this year. Since 2011, this forum has set up a new thread each year to record in words and photos our experiences at, and photos of, each years events . . . So, here is the "2017...
  4. Sunderland - Heritage Action Zone (Discussions and Photos)

    Sunderland and Durham
    Special status for historic heart of Sunderland A scheme aimed at preserving and regenerating the historic heart of Sunderland is one of only ten in the country to secure special status. The area, which takes in Fawcett Street, the Old Sunderland and Riverside conservation areas and High...
  5. The beautifulness of historical Spain: Clash of Romanic, Gothic and Modernist styles.

    European Classic Architecture and Landscapes
    I will maintain this tread updated with photos of different buildings/cathedrals/monuments/statues/parks of Spanish cities and towns. If someone wants to know the place or the name of a bulding/monument/etc just ask me!
  6. Heritage Open Days - 2016

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . Traditionally, we set up a new thread for every years "Heritage Open Days", so here is the (rather early) setting up of the 2016 thread . . . Funding boost secures Heritage Open Days festival for 2016 By Barbara Hodgson, The Chronicle, 18th February 2016 The interior of Morpeth Clock Tower...
  7. Twin Cities Then & Now Photos

    Minneapolis-Saint Paul
    Reminiscence of Days Bygone 1960s today from roughly the same angle Mark Bartikoski / Flickr
  8. Heritage Open Days - 2015

    Newcastle Metro Area
    The dates for the 2015 Heritage Open Days will be Thursday 10th - Sunday 13th September. The full list of events will appear on the TWHODS web site on 1st August and according to a reply from them I got, it's going to be "a bumper year" :cheers: The national site for all listings is...
  9. Kasbah Nesrani | XIth century | Meknes

    Heritage Buildings & Monuments
    Kasba Nesrani | قصبة النصراني Google maps Name : Kasba nesrani [1]- Kasbat Nessrani/nassrani Location : Morocco, region of Meknes, exact coordination : 34.00742 -5.385411 Construction date/period : XIth century Ad [1] We don't know much about this kasbah, except its construction date...
  10. Maps of Seattle and the Puget Sound region

    Surprisingly, it seems this forum doesn't have a dedicated maps thread. I'll be posting any maps (historical, current and future) I come across. From a few weeks ago: I went down to the Seattle Central Library and requested high-resolution scans of the first four Bogue Plan maps. Such a...
  11. NOTIFICATIONS / NEWS - Updates and new information available in the "Forum Index"

    Newcastle Metro Area
    . What THIS thread is for . . . This thread is a “notification thread” which will be used to periodically update members about what is available on the Forum Index Thread, which is one of the Sticky Threads permanently stuck at the top of the Main Forum (list of threads) Page. The existence of...
  12. Heritage Open Days - 2014

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Some advanced information on this years forthcoming Heritage Open Days which this year will run from 11th to 14th September. This interesting snippet from the English Heritage web site @
  13. Manila, The Third World Atlantis

    The Third World Atlantis The history of Manila is one of such beauty but for it to be wiped out with a carpet bomb is of gloomy nature. Manila has now become a Theatrical Tragedy. And at present, it is now left as just an illusion to a Romantic Filipino. It is now hard to bring back the past...
  14. White Hart Yard Development (Restaurants and Bars) | Newcastle | Various | Proposed

    Newcastle Metro Area
    Yes best seen from the Cloth Market end, not the ahem gentleman's club. This is an image which dates back to circa 2000 and it may have changed since then? Image hosted on There is an excellent image courtesy of White Hart Yard courtesy of Jim Cocker...
  15. History of Iran

    درود بر همه، برخی از این عکس ها رو از بازی خودم گرفتم Sassanid Cataphract: Persian Kardakes: heavy kardakes: Persian Immortal: Elite Persian Immortal: Parthian horse archer: Armoured horse archer noble horse archer: Parthian Royal Cataphract: Parthian spearman: Median...

    Photographie générale
    OTTOMAN ALGERIA (OSMANLI CEZAYİRİ) A Brief History of the Ottoman Empire in Algeria With the Regency of Algiers as its principal center, the Ottoman Empire ruled an area referred to as Ottoman Algeria in the Maghreb between 1525 and the French invasion of Algiers in 1830. The Regency of...
  17. Heritage Open Days - 2013

    Newcastle Metro Area
    The Event Directory for the 2013 Heritage Open Days (HOD's) has been released on line @ The HOD's this year will run from 12-15 September 2013.
  18. Museums in Bulgaria | Музеи в България

    Architecture, Arts and Design
    МУЗЕИ В БЪЛГАРИЯ: Национален исторически музей | National Museum of History Национален исторически музей - София: Национален археологически институт с музей - София: Исторически музей – Асеновград:
  19. CALABRIA | mediterranean thought

    Urban Showcase
    For layout, please use the same design text.Thank you.
  20. Историческая реконструкция (хобби)

    Основная фотосекция
    Историческая реконструкция — вид хобби объединяющий огромное число людей со всего мира. Турниры, фестивали и массовые постановки. Фестиваль «Рыцарский орден» в Шуваловке, август 2011 г. «Этнографический парк Русская деревня «Шуваловка», сторожевые башни.» на Яндекс.Фотках «Перед турниром...