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  1. Projects
    A new parking office tower is being proposed in Hollywood: --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  2. Projects
    First Look at the Thompson Hollywood Hotel Headed For Wilcox *height is approximate
  3. Projects
    Not far from the sprawling 5550 Hollywood Blvd., this mixed use development offers the familiar 7 stories of retail and rentals: ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- 101-Adjacent Mixed-User...
  4. Projects
    Hollywood's vertical expansion continues... ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Another High-Rise for Hollywood
  5. Projects Gensler Goes Hollywood with “Vertical Campus” by Anna Bergren Miller Hudson Pacific Properties is banking on the continued appeal of Hollywood office space with its Icon at Sunset Bronson Studios, a 14-story tower designed by...
  6. Projects
    A big development is headed for Hollywood: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- First Look at Massive Mixed-Use Complex Heading to Vine St.
  7. Our Buildings
    ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Columbia Square Now Going Vertical All above: The site...
  8. DN Archives
    Hyde Beach Resort & Residences Hollywood To Rise Next Year
  9. Projects
    HOLLYWOOD PALLADIUM RESIDENCES As the environmental impact report for the proposed Hollywood Palladium Residences gets underway, we found a few more project renderings to share. Also included is an outline of the ever-burgeoning Hollywood skyline, which puts the project's two 28-story...
  10. Proposed Highrises
    LOS ANGELES | Palladium Towers | 100m x 2 | 300ft x 2 | 28 fl x 2 | Pro Two Big Towers Planned For Hollywood Palladium Parking Lots Height is as yet unconfirmed so expect some changes to the stats...
  11. General Urban Developments
    Going Up in Hollywood, 23 Stories Construction was well under way by December 2012: Massive mixed-use construction project happening in #Hollywood at Sunset & Gordon. Palm Trees and Cranes by Smilay Properties, on Flickr...
  12. Around the World
    A new thread about the gorgeous LA Los Angeles is one of my favourite cities in the United States. A prosperous place, easygoing people and beautiful weather!... Los Angeles from above! I took these pictures few minutes before landing.
  13. The Interchange
    His name, Oscar Casares, more than a brand, it’s already considered a myth that echoes into the fourth corners of the world. From New York to Paris, from Sidney to Madrid, women bear the eternal possession of his own creations. Casares, is also, a talented costume and fashion designer who had...
  14. The Interchange
    Anyone? :?
  15. Mundo Afora
    Olá pessoal! Navegando pelo Flickr selecionei 11 fotos que mostram a imensidão de Los Angeles. 1. Flickr, por Gamut's Edge 2. Flickr, por Marshall Astor - Food Pornographer 3. Flickr, por Storm Crypt 4. Flickr, por Kaptain Krispy Kreme 5. Flickr, por jgreenman 6. Flickr, por Atwater...
  16. City/Metro Compilations
    ++THIS THREAD IS UNDER CONSTRUCTION NOW++ Miami / Florida Story I started this thread over a year ago. Much happened last year and this year, so it's time for a major update. A lot of projects are finished already as you can see in QuantumX's great updates. I will add a complete list of...
  17. City of Los Angeles
    W Hotel / Condos - Breaking Ground in Mid - Feb 2007 Legacy Apartments BLVD6200 - Next to Pantages Camden Apartments - Includes a Whole Foods Argyle and Yucca The Hollywood Sunset & Vine - Rehab, Almost Done Old KFWB Site Yucca and Argyle area Equitable Building...
  18. AMBA / La Plata
    Palemo Implantacion plantas tipo