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  1. Fotoforum
    Vorig jaar heb ik Hong Kong vereerd met een bezoek, dus zijn hier wat foto's. De meeste foto's zijn met de telefoon gemaakt, alleen die voorzien zijn van een watermerk zijn met het fototoestel geschoten. 1. Hong Kong Central, met de 367 meter hoge Bank of China Tower, daarvoor de 283 meter...
  2. Projects & Construction
    Connaught Marina Sheung Wan Year of completion: 2020 Building height: 28 storeys The CBD office vacancy rate has increased to around 6%, which means a much wider choice of stock for tenants to pick from. Falling rents – overall rents are down by 11% from their peak in Q2 2019. We predict a...
  3. Skyscrapers
    Airside will be the tallest building in Hong Kong's Kai Tak Development, located on the site of the former airport. It will be an office tower (with retail services) reaching up to 207 metres in height, enlarging the Kowloon East skyline. Completion is expected in 2022. It is developed by Nan...
  4. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    Victoria Dockside Hong Kong, China 274.5m/901ft 64 floors KPF Mixed Use 2017 photos from CTBUH
  5. Zagranica
    Cześć i czołem! Ukamieniujcie mnie, ale postanowiłem rozgrzebać kolejny wątek ze zdjęciami :D Tym razem wywiało mnie do Chin. Był to wyjazd czysto turystyczny, nastawiony na szybkie zwiedzanie, może trochę chaotyczne, ale postanowiłem iść na żywioł. Wyjazd był bardzo krótki, więc nie mogłem...
  6. Skyscrapers
    Hello fellas! This is a brand new skyline that has resulted from the constant jizzing on us from the guy under the username Petras, Napalerd, Muly, sekjund(?) etc. Here, we feel free to post the best skyline pictures from around the world, excluding Bangkok primarily. Crappy aerial shots in the...
  7. Urban Showcase
    Thought I'd post a few photos from my visit to Hong Kong back in February. Those interested can find the full gallery from the trip, which also visited Macau, here: Here's a...
  8. Asia and Australia
    Skyline Tower Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 151m/503feet FLOORS: 38fl COMPLETION: 2004 ARCHITECT: ?
  9. Urban Showcase
    A video filmed in Wan Chai, Hong Kong in Feb 2013 by myself, with some editing. It shows some popular places and local lifestyle in Wan Chai. This video shows places that your havn't seen in Wan Chai, Hong Kong and captured some real local style in it. Hope you enjoy it and welcome to Hong...
  10. Hong Kong (香港) & Macau (澳門) Forums
    A video filmed in Wan Chai, Hong Kong in Feb 2013 by myself, with some editing. It shows some popular places and local lifestyle in Wan Chai. Im working on videos of different places in Hong Kong as well. To capture real Hong Kong lifestyle and buildings in 2013. Hope you guys enjoy the...
  11. Asia and Australia
    MLC Tower Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 156m/520 feet FLOORS: 40fl COMPLETION: 1998 ARCHITECT: ? the glass building
  12. Asia and Australia
    Hampton Place Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 169m/563 feet FLOORS: 51fl COMPLETION: 2003 ARCHITECT: ?
  13. Asia and Australia
    148 Electric Road Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 158m/527feet FLOORS: 41 floors COMPLETION: 2001 ARCHITECT: andrew lee king fun and associates
  14. Asia and Australia
    1 Peking Road Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 160m/533 feet FLOORS: 30 floors COMPLETION: 2003 ARCHITECT: ? The first skyscraper in Hong Kong to power with solar energy.
  15. Asia and Australia
    Gloucester Tower Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 159m/533 feet FLOORS: 46 floors COMPLETION: 1980 ARCHITECT: ?
  16. Asia and Australia
    Yat Chau International Plaza (118 Connaught Road West) Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 162m/540feet FLOORS: 40floors COMPLETION: 1994 ARCHITECT:: paliburg development
  17. Asia and Australia
    One Pacific Place Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 162m/540 feet FLOORS: 40fl COMPLETION: 1988 ARCHITECT: wong and woyang
  18. Asia and Australia
    J.W. Marriott Hotel Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 165m/550 feet FLOORS: 50 floors COMPLETION: 1998 ARCHITECT: ...
  19. Asia and Australia
    Oxford House Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 165m/550 feet FLOORS: 41floors COMPLETION: 1999 ARCHITECT: wong and ouyang
  20. Asia and Australia
    La Cité Noble Hong Kong, China HEIGHT: 166m/553 feet FLOORS: 49floors COMPLETION: 1999 ARCHITECT:: ? floor plan
1-20 of 117 Results