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  1. Fotoforum
    begin november ben ik vertrokken om een maand te reizen. Begonnen in Hong Kong, daarna naar Thailand en Cambodja. Voor het eerst in mijn eentje, en voor het eerst verder dan Gran Canaria. Je kunt dus wel raden dat ik onder de indruk was. Dit draadje laat mijn eerste 3 dagen in Hong Kong zien...
  2. Urban Showcase
    Photo by Charlie Kwan
  3. Urban Showcase
    Let's start with Nanjing. Quite unknown, tourists rather skip this city when coming to China but with a lot of interesting histroricla places to see, such as Sun Yatsen's mausoleum, a holocaust memorial site reminding us of the 1937 massacre, some temples geradens, a huge city wall, an old...
  4. Hong Kong • 香港
    I'm not as fortunate as most of the HK residents here but we share the same passion, Hong Kong and Photography. I'm glad HKskyline posted photos of places I doubt I will ever see unless I work in HK like Tuen Mun, Yuen Long, Kowloon City, Tsuen Wan and most parts of New Territories. Heng Fa...
  5. Urban Showcase
    Some of my pics from Hong Kong in september 2008: to be continued...
  6. Completed Projects
    Soon to Rise! 25-storey HONG KONG PLAZA HOTEL Cor. Escario Extension & Archbishop Reyes Ave., (fronting CBP) Cebu City, Philippines ...latest artist's rendering: (as of August 2008) pic by @dive_cebu
  7. Infrastruktur
    Eine kleine New Town von Hong Kong. Thread inspsiert durch dieses Foto. Damals entdeckt in Brave-New-World-Thread 2002
  8. Subways and Urban Transport
    HISTORY from Hongkong Tramways Since 1904, trams have been running from East to West of Hong Kong Island. Over the last century, Hongkong Tramways witnessed the development of Hong Kong, and the tram remains an efficient and the most economical mode of public transport in Hong Kong. Today...
  9. Subways and Urban Transport
    Since operations began in 1979, the MTR Railway has become one of the most important elements of Hong Kong's transportation network. With a railway network of 87.7 kilometres route with 50 stations, the MTR carries over 2.3 million passengers a day - one of the most intensively utilized...
1-9 of 14 Results