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  1. Estonia
    Place to discuss Estonian part of international Rail Baltic project - 1435mm gauge 240km/h top speed double track electric railway from Tallinn to Berlin. County planning has begun and it's set that there will be three stations in Estonia - Tallinn Central Train Station,Ülemiste station (new...
  2. Newcastle Metro Area
    This thread can be used to discuss HSR plans relating to Newcastle Metro Area - opinions, ideas, news and so on. To kick us off - Some interesting comments today from the chairman of HS2 regarding Newcastle's place in the High Speed Rail revolution. Personally I think it is massively...
  3. Railways
    NAME: TGV MAROCAIN LOCATION: Casablanca - Tangier NUMBER: 18 SNCF TGV Duplex Trains STATUS: PROJECT WORKS: Casablanca - Tangier : 2008 - 2013 Next Projects: 2: Casablanca - Marrakech 3: Casablanca - Fez 4: Fez - Oujda 5: Marrakech - Agadir
  4. Infrastructure and Mobility
    Now Turkey will start to produce high speed train with the coproduction of Korea in Eskişehir. Agreement is signed up with the Korean company and the trains will have high speed over 300 km/h. But also Turkey won't inport the rails anymore, because Eskişehir factories will produce the rails...
  5. Инфраструктура
    I found the following news message in a newsgroup: ---- Germany's Siemens signs US$2B deal to provide Russia with high-speed trains 2004-12-21 11:34:00 SCHLESWIG, Germany (AP) - Industrial conglomerate Siemens AG has signed a $2-billion-US deal to provide Russia's national railway with 60...
1-6 of 6 Results