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  1. Manhattan the Cookfox design before the sale
  2. Manhattan
  3. Proposed Highrises
    Another highrise in the 'gap' between Downtown and Midtown. A school and more offices for the hot neighborhood where ABC and Google are planting their flags.
  4. Highrises
    ABC's new Manhattan digs. The highest occupied space will hit the neighborhood's height limit, but mechanical bulkheads could bring the total height above 100m, like some of the new residential towers in the neighborhood, Disney files plans for a 19-story headquarters in Hudson Square
  5. DN Archives
    a sizable vertical addition to an old building in the 'gap' between downtown and midtown. The height restrictions of Hudson Square require the roof be no higher than 290' (88m), but this tower will have a large bulkhead that will push it to over 100m. Design Confirmed for 92-100 Vandam Street...
  6. DN Archives
    an approximately 100m tower set to rise in the gap between Downtown and Midtown. This neighborhood (Hudson Square) has stringent height restrictions that limit towers to a roof height of 290'. This tower appears to be an exception. Plans were filed for a height of 337' in 2017, though the...
  7. New York City Area Photos
    Design Confirmed for 92-100 Vandam Street, Hudson Square
  8. General Urban Developments
    Note: This is no longer a general development in the sense of small structures, but a large scale project with towers ranging from 240 to 430 feet. 1600 units. Also 1.7 mil sq ft. 5 towers in total. ============================== Pier 40 to Be Saved Under Plan to Build 1,500 Apartments in...
1-8 of 8 Results