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  1. Proposed Supertalls
    Hyatt & Gencom Propose 3 Downtown Miami Towers, Including A Supertall Hyatt & Gencom Propose 3 Downtown Miami Towers, Including A Supertall – The Next Miami This is a 3 tower development, one will be a supertall while the two other towers are listed as being 61 floors with an unknown height.
  2. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Grand Hyatt Manila Metrobank Financial Center Manila, Philippines Height: 318m/1043ft (architectural) Floors: 66 Function: Hotel Architect: Wong & Ouyang Casas Architects Completed: 2017 Lawrence Ruiz by Manila-X
  3. Tehran
    Parsian Azadi Grand Hotel (Retrofit/Renovations) HISTORY Completed in 1977, the Tehran Hyatt Crown Hotel (a Hyatt Regency Hotel) was the third Hyatt branded hotel in Iran after the Hyatt Mashhad and Hyatt Caspian. All three hotels were managed by Hyatt International but owned by the Pahlavi...
  4. Владивосток и Приморский край
    Строительство пятизвездочной гостиницы начинается на Корабельной Набережной Владивостока Одновременно идут переговоры о строительстве нового стационарного вокзала прибрежных сообщений ВЛАДИВОСТОК, 25 февраля, PrimaMedia. Во Владивостоке идут работы по подготовке к строительству пятизвездочной...
  5. The Lunar Society
    It's one of out biggest and best hotels. It gets photographed quite a bit, and helped kick off this current phase of Birmingham's Regeneration when it opened in 1990. Hotel Website What Expedia thinks of it.
  6. Екатеринбург
    Hotel Hyatt 19 этажей
  7. Lisboa | Projectos
    parece um pavilhão industrial, não me convence...
1-7 of 7 Results