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  1. Architecture
    Liquid water is not well-suited as a structural material, but frozen water (snow, ice) can be. In liquid form water can still be a decorative element, as can (rarely) steam. Water is a material that can be transparent, opaque, refractive, reflective. It can be flexible, it can be fragile, it...
  2. Infraestructuras | Ferrocarriles
    Como no hay hilo para Siemens (o por lo menos no lo he encontrado) paso a inaugurarlo con esta noticia:
  3. Proposed Highrises
    Now owned by the Related Group, this site could see significant design changes... ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- As envisioned by I.M. Pei architects...
  4. Miss Polski: Rate A Building
    Powierzchnia zabudowy: 8051,69 m² Powierzchnia użytkowa: 36 720,33 m² Kubatura brutto: 280 473,68 m³ Elewacja: panele ceramiczne i aluminiowe Generalny Wykonawca: Budimex SA z Warszawy i Ferrovial Agroman SA z Madrytu Koszt inwestycji: 355 mln. zł.
  5. Projects & Construction
    Спортивный кластер в Западной планировочной зоне Да, будет вот так! На переднем плане - Ледовый дворец на 12 тыс.зрителей, за ним - стадион на 3 тысячи. Ну, а сейчас пока... Вид на Ледовый дворец. (Там, между Дворцом и Киноконцертным залом, ещё гостиница.)
  6. Highways & Autobahns
    Aqqusinersuaq - Nuuk
  7. General Urban Developments
    ICE will have an 1,800sqm, three-storey glass foyer for exhibitions or banquets, a 2 000-seat auditorium and a 600-seat theatre. Meeting space for 600 people will be available divided into two spaces, each sub- divisable for a total of 12 rooms of varying sizes. The venue will also hold two bars...
  8. Hamburg
    Der Hauptbahnhof soll von 150m auf 300m erweitert werden. Der Bahn Chef möchte ein Hochhaus für seine 1500 mitarbeiter. Der bezirksamtsleiter (HH-mitte) ist gegen das Hochhaus . typisch Norden , Veränderungen niemals stur und dumm die leute,
  9. Railways
    EUROPE | HSL-trains from Europe I think its nice to compare all the Europe's HSL trains that drive. It would be nice if somebody had a map of all the existing HSL-lines of europe, Than we could see where all these trains drive. Here are the ones that drive true Belgium: - Thalys(Belgian...
  10. Railways
    Berlin Hauptbahnhof: Ceremonial Grand Opening on May 26 a great earCandy =>
1-10 of 10 Results