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  1. Andhra Pradesh
    The economy of Andhra Pradesh is mainly driven by agriculture. Two important rivers of India, the Godavari and Krishna, flow through the state, providing irrigation. Rice, sugarcane, cotton, mirchi (chilli pepper), mango and tobacco are the local crops. Recently, crops used for vegetable oil...
  2. General Photography
    This thread welcomes every artist who loves India. Hope you enjoy it here.
  3. Proposed Skyscrapers
    Yamunotri - Mixed Use Development, Noida Source Site prep works under way back in January 2012:
  4. Images Gallery
    Moving away from Mumbai, let us explore and make a list of the tallest completed buildings in your own respective city. Rules: You can post the tallest completed/topped out building in your respective city with some basic info like name, height, floor count etc Also you can post the details...
  5. Fotoforum
    Vervolg van: India deel 1: Delhi, Humayun's tomb en het Qtub-complex India deel 2: Delhi, Lal Qil'ah en Chadni Chowk India deel 3: National Highway 8 Delhi-Jaipur India deel 4: Jaipur India deel 5: omgeving Jaipur India deel 6: Bharatpur en Agra 01. Het bord met de huisregels die gelden bij...
  6. Skyscrapers
    The most iconic tower of the city till now has commenced construction & is hailed as the most luxurious address to be in the Eastern part of India.
  7. Highrises
    Building type: Commercial (Office Buildings) & Film Studio Concept Parinee I is a 21st century office tower designed by world renowned architect James Law of James Law Cybertecture International at the heart of Mumbai. Uniquely this dynamic 160 metre tall tower is designed to provide ultra...
  8. Атлас
    Површина: 3.287.240 km² (7.) Становништво: (2.) Индија или званично Република Индија је држава у јужној Азији. Седма је држава на свету по површини своје територије, друга по броју становника. Такође, по броју становника Индија је највећа демократска држава на свету...
41-49 of 221 Results