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  1. Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    Showing sport infrastructure around Africa
  2. General Developments and Discussions
    Delhi–Meerut Expressway (Hindi: दिल्ली-मेरठ एक्सप्रेसवे) is India's widest 96 km long controlled-access expressway, connecting Delhi with Meerut via Dasna in Ghaziabad in India. The 8 lanes old stretch of National Highway 9 (NH-9) up to Dasna is widened to 14 lanes(widest expressway in India)...
  3. Regional Developments
    I'll add more once there are more official studies. Meanwhile, we can open a discussion to talk about the implication of this new development that was adopted by the presidency of the republic. However, not a lot of technical studies or professional renders are available until now.
  4. Nordeste
    Este thread é voltado à postagem de projetos de infraestrutura viária e urbana em andamento ou planejados pelas autoridades municipais, regionais ou estaduais dos seguintes municípios: Itapipoca, Itapajé, Uruburetama, Umirim, Tururu e Miraíma. Municípios vizinhos também podem ser mencionados...
  5. Highways & Autobahns
    They built a cable-stayed bridge in Brazzaville. It's part of a 'corniche road' along the Congo River, which is a four lane road with roundabouts. The cable-stayed bridge appears to be somewhat overkill. Location:,15.2687245,1090m/data=!3m1!1e3...
  6. Foreign Topics
    Строительство, Транспорт, Благоустройство, Инфраструктура, Экономика и т. п. в России. Без оффтопа.
  7. Foreign Topics
    Строительство, Транспорт, Благоустройство, Инфраструктура, Экономика и т. п. в Крыму. Без оффтопа.
  8. Foreign Topics
    Строительство, Транспорт, Благоустройство, Инфраструктура, Экономика и т. п. в Украине. Без оффтопа.
  9. Urban Nigeria
    Continued from Lagos City Life
  10. Tehran
  11. Mashhad
    boolvare "namaz" near competion good work however, one major issue is the electrical lines, this would be an ideal time to plant them under the ground, but sadly such action was not taken, this practice should become a standard in iran, as it is said to cause health issues, but also is...
  12. Economy & Development Issues
    Les récentes interventions de l'ami oussamama m'ont donné envie de m'intéresser aux Schémas régionaux d'aménagement du territoire, les SRAT, en ligne notamment sur le site de la Direction de l'Aménagement du Territoire. Certains sont anciens, comme celui de la région Tadla-Azilal, le premier à...
  13. Africa: Business, Economy and Infrastructure
    The firm I work for is currently undertaking a project on land use planning and infrastructure finance (particularly relating to land value capture), in Sub Saharan Africa (SSA) for a large, international development agency. We have done the initial literature reviews, and have struggled to...
  14. Bucharest–Ilfov
    I see more people are getting interested in the bike infrastructure in Bucharest so I created this thread where we can discuss, post photos of current cycling projects in our city, express our visions and plans. I will add a map and we can update it when new projects are finished or with under...
  15. News & Weather Channel
    Who is- or was- the Infrastructure PM of Australia? Tony Abbott has recently recently claimed this title: are there other contenders?
  16. Uzbekistan
    We will discuss about urban transport infrastructure in our cities
  17. Infrastructure
    Post updates and images here.
  18. Transportation
    A National Thread ... specifically for train or tram (light rail) stations which are either new, or significantly changed or developed. Historical Data accepted! Bus, ferry, and other developments accepted, relating to the point of embarcation and departure or otherwise Comments about the...
  19. Railways
    What looked like a dream only a short while ago is turning into a reality. The Kenya railway corporation is now shopping for investors to develop mini-cities on its idle land in Mombasa, Nairobi and Kisumu.
1-20 of 62 Results