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  1. Transport and Infrastructure
    Things are a bit quiet in these pandemic times, so let's start a photo thread on South African freeway interchanges. I'll start here with a pic of the Buccleuch interchange in the north of Johannesburg. Am I alone in finding interchanges things of beauty?
  2. Ghana
    Work on the Kasoa interchange, which seeks to ease traffic congestion in the 'mega city', is scheduled to take off in December, this year. The $160 million project, according to the Director of Urban Roads (DUR), Mr Abass Awolu, is designed to improve both mobility on the main carriageway and...
  3. Projects & Infrastructure / 在建项目与基础设施
    How common are cloverleaf interchanges in China, and what are the locations of some of these? I'm mainly interested in full cloverleafs, but also curious about parclos and other variations. I've seen many images of stack interchanges and so forth in urban settings, but considering the size of...
  4. Thread Archive
    Hi All! Please, help me - I want to find Aerial Pictures of this Interchanges. This is from Google Earth. I think its already build! Al Attihad Near Dubai Maritime City Tunnel and Flyover near Airport Tunnel Al Ittihad near Airport And this Monster Interchange! (And maybe someone...
  5. Almaty City and Metro Area
    Автомобильный транспорт и строительство автодорог в Алматы Дискуссии о проблемах автомобильного движения Алматы: строительство дорог, развязок, парковок, автоматизация уличного движения, цены на топливо, объездные маршруты и закрытия улиц... В общем всего того, что касается наших любимых...
  6. Highways & Autobahns
    Show the urban road systems running thru your towns! I've seen some good'uns such as Bangkok with its eleveated roads and Hong Kong where they run thru builings! Anyone got any pics? Also Madrid - some massive construction going on there at the moment, infact Spain is motorway mad!
1-7 of 7 Results