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  1. General Urban Developments
    the abbas-abad hills are/were an empty set of lots located in the mid-north section of tehran. since the 70s, several plans were drawn to create a large business district. however after the revolution, and nearly two decades of hold, the area underwent construction but instead for a large set...
  2. General Urban Developments
    The "Iran Mall" , formerly named "Tat Mall" , located in Tehran's district 22 (chitgar lake district) will be, asuumibly, the largest shopping center in the world with almost 1.2 million square metres of constructed area and over 2.1 million square meters total area...
  3. Tehran
    it is on the north east corner of ashrafi esfahani expressway and niayesh expressway, beside the niyayesh auto repair complex
  4. Architecture and City Issues
    Post any photos and info of current and or destroyed classical architecture of tehran (mostly qajar-early pahlavi) a villa in tehran (any info?)
  5. Architecture and City Issues
    Old Photos of Bushehr even by the 70s (these photos) ,you can see the decay by Kaveh Bahar , on facebook
  6. Shiraz
    apartments by morteza seddighi, the modern ones are nice,the classical ones (the wider ones) are tolerable (not good) but the narrow 3 floor one is horrid problem is that even the good ones are no well blended to the other styles (like the modern ones) this one is fairly good, it uses...
  7. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread is about transport systems in Iran
  8. Tehran
  9. Mashhad
    boolvare "namaz" near competion good work however, one major issue is the electrical lines, this would be an ideal time to plant them under the ground, but sadly such action was not taken, this practice should become a standard in iran, as it is said to cause health issues, but also is...
  10. Isfahan
    Some projects in sofe This castle"shah dej" is now accessible by telecabin namaz khane
  11. Tabriz
    post all news about roads, passages, expressways etc from tabriz here golkar bridge and hameed underpass opened the underpass looks great, good materials and great brickwork, good light poles, the overpass.. well the whole concept of an overpass is bad in my opinion very very clean...
  12. Tehran
    new thread post stuff regarding greenery, trees, parks etc here :)
  13. Mashhad
    chehel bazeh park
  14. Isfahan
    دهکده زیتون پزشکان اصفهان some really nice villas. this one is really funny because its a copy of a successful 6 story building!if something looks good on a 6 story building it doesnt necessarily will look good in a villa!but we have no copy right in iran so we...
  15. Mashhad
    مجموغه توریستی تفریحی اخلمد dar bare in proje shizi post shode...
  16. Shiraz
    thread specific too bazsazi and samandehi for shiraz
  17. Urban Spaces
    I've noticed that many people are surprised when they see photos from Iran.. they had expected something like burkas, hijabs, separated women and men - but what they've got is quite different. Actually, in my opinion, Iran looks like modern, clean country with people trying to live their lives...
  18. Fotografía | Reportajes del resto del mundo
    Introducción ¿El por qué de este hilo? Básicamente con la idea de aportar algo al foro con el cual me siento en deuda al ser partícipe pasivo y no activo. La idea de este hilo es presentar otra imagen de Oriente Medio alejada de las generalizaciones de lugar desértico, ciudades futuristas...
  19. Asia and Australia
    Tehran International Tower Tehran, Iran HEIGHT: 163m/543feet FLOORS: 56 floors COMPLETION: 2007 ARCHITECT: ?
  20. Tabriz
    some of tabriz's pedestrian alleys tarbiat needs huge renovations for its buildings, it has beautiful trees though, gorjiler also needs alot of renos maybe im too "khosh pendaar" but u know, i think most of us expect stuff like this strasbourg germany...