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  1. Iraq
    Follow the new iraqi discord page, where we have fun, make new friends and discuss culture, politics and religion and many other topics, including voice chat feature that helps the users get their voice out without typing if they want. Join the Iraqi Bantz Discord Server!https://
  2. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Iraque (em árabe العراق, transl. al - Irāq, em curdo Îraq), oficialmente República do Iraque é um país do Oriente Médio, limitado a norte pela Turquia, a leste pelo Irã, a sul pelo Golfo Pérsico, pelo Kuwait e pela Arábia Saudita e a oeste pela Jordânia e pela Síria. Sua capital é a cidade de...
  3. Iraq
    Many of us are in the diaspora and have not been to Iraq for a while, how many years ago was your last visit to Iraq? I'm afraid that I might be the record holder here with 2004 being my first and last visit:hammer: and look forward towards breaking that by visiting Baghdad this year. I've not...
  4. Iraq
    I have always loved the idea of reviving Sumerian or Akkadian as Iraq's national language. As Iraq's original language, Sumerian seems the appropriate choice, although Akkadian would be easier for Iraqis to learn, and is better understood by linguists. Sumerian, or Akkadian, could be taught in...
  5. Urban Development and Construction Projects PROJECT DETAILS Location : Kasnazan road, Erbil - Kurdistan Built Area : 80,000 m² Project Elements : 200 Chinese brands, game land, 10 different restaurants, 6 different cafes, normal and 6D cinema, 4 residence apartments, 2000 car parks
  6. Iraq
    I CARE (Iraqi Children Aid & Repair Endeavour) - "You don't have to be a doctor to save lives" Basic Information Founded Assil Russell Location Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, Melbourne, Sydney About you? NZ and Australia's only non profit non...
  7. Highrises
    renders coming soon! project location: Al-Jadriya near Babylon Hotel
  8. Lebanon
    Iraq Embassy Ramlet El Bayda - Beirut, Lebanon (made from site panel) Location click here to view the location on
  9. Rate Our Skylines
    Erbil - Iraq Arbil / Hewlêr (as in latin Kurdish) (also written Erbil, or Irbil) (Akkadian: Arba-ilu; Arabic: اربيل‎ Arbīl; Kurdish: هه*ولیر‎ Hewlêr; Sumerian: Urbilum; Syriac-Aramaic: ܐܪܒܝܠ Arbaelo; Turkish: Erbil) is the fourth largest city in Iraq after...
  10. General Middle East Discussion
    Salam ME forumers, I am looking for your Amazing pictures to be submitted to a Photo competition of Images from the Arab world. The pictures can be of cityscapes, people, things, nature, etc. The competition is run by the Arab Development Initiative and will be showcased on their Facebook page...
  11. Iraq
    I could find a thread to post Iraqi military news so I started one :) Lockheed Martin Hopes for Iraq F-16 Contract by Early 2012 Reuters reports that Lockheed Martin hopes to sign sales contracts for up to 18 F-16 fighter jets with both Iraq and Oman by early 2012, and expects to book a total...
  12. Sports Center
    nasa moderators ang awa(kung i-dedelete nila o hindi ang thred mo)... nasa iyo ang gawa (kung uumpisahan mong gumawa ng thread tungkol sa football;) UST XI returns to finals MANILA, Philippines - University of Santo Tomas, as expected, made it to the men’s finals of the University...
  13. Architettura, urbanistica, infrastrutture
    Signori, avete letto bene, anche in Iraq, a Bagdad si stanno progettando due linee di metro, il progetto è stato presentato lo scorso 17 novembre. Ecco 2 links:
1-15 of 23 Results