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israel architecture

  1. Tel Aviv
    מגדל המאה: אושרה הקמת בניין בן 100 קומות בגבול ת"א־ר"ג הוועדה המקומית שדנה בתוכנית לאחרונה אישרה את המלצת מהנדס העיר להעלאת גובה המגדל מ־75 קומות לכ־100 קומות, תוך התאמה של זכויות הבנייה בהתאם. התוכנית, המכונה "בין ערים", מתייחסת לשטח של כ־11 דונם בין הרחובות בגין וז'בוטינסקי רמת גן, לבין רמפת...
  2. Gush Dan
    BAT YAM New rendering unveiled for Migdal HaTzuk (Cliff Tower) Ben Gurion Promenade, 50 floors design: Pivko Architects מגדל הצוק בת ים שעתיד לקום בטיילת בן גוריון אל מול הים תוכנית קודמת 2 מגדלים של 30 קומות (replacing the 2 x 30 design)
  3. Tel Aviv
    TEL AVIV Herzl 138 2 x 12 fl | Appd Pivko Architects
  4. Gush Dan
    Modi'in Gabay Tower מגדל קבוצת גבאי ברחוב החרצית 19 fl + 7 fl u/c 2014
  5. Haifa
    חיפה HAIFA מגדלי מנרב בשמורה Minrav Bashmura 2 x 21 fl u/c 2014
  6. Gush Dan
    PETAH TIKVA MAX Tower 25 fl t/o completion 2014
  7. Negev
    Kibbutz Neot Semadar is an artists and ecological agriculture kibbutz in some of the most harsh desert terrain - the Arava Valley, In Israel's Negev Desert, 60km to the north of Eilat. Annual average rainfall: just 30 mm The vision is sustainable living, in some of the most dry and hot desert...
  8. Tel Aviv
    Sharona Hotel tower. Location: Sarona (The South Kirya) | city center Type: commercial floors,hotel Floors: 45 Height: 163m Start date: 2014 Render: Designers: MYS Architects in colloboration with Feigin Architects.
  9. Netanya and Sharon
    Agam Towers 5 x 25 fl
  10. Gush Dan
    Yehud Monosson Aura High - The Gardens Towers stage A 4 x 15 fl - completed stage B 6 x 15 fl - u/c
  11. Netanya and Sharon
    Kfar Saba planning council has adopted another green measure to make the city's buildings more sustainable: Kfar Saba will be the first city to include a compulsary green roof: All new commercial and industrial buildings will have to include a roof garden in the building permit, of at least...
  12. Gush Dan
    PETAH TIKVA Azorei Hapark Towers towers 1-2 - 31 fl, 100m completed 2012-13 tower 3 - 24 fl u/c 2014
  13. Gush Dan
    Petah Tikva Mishkenot Nechalim 4 x 17-21 fl towers 1-2 completed 2013
  14. Tel Aviv
    Arch. Yossi Sivan from MYS Architects reveals some detaols about the new Nitsba Tower (Egged), the tallest approved in the north CBD in an article about an increase in mixed use towers. The tower is being planned will be mixed use with 2 ground floor mall, hotel up to the 20th floor and...
  15. Tel Aviv
    Hotel Rothschild 65 Boutique Hotel 9 fl, u/c rendering
  16. Haifa
    The Haifa BAZAN Refineries cooling towers, no longer in use, are being renovated into new visitors center with interior gardens as unique events space
  17. Tel Aviv
    Yaffo Yefet Street, proposed 10 fl
  18. Gush Dan
    HAROVA באזור התעשייה הישן של ראשון לציון - מתחם עירוני חדשהרובע new entertainment zone, Rishon Lezion Urban renewal of Rishon Lezion's old industrial zone into an outdoor-indoors entertainment, arts, events & leisure quarter phase I architects
  19. Photo Forum
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  20. Jerusalem
    On Jaffostreet, close to shuk Machane Yehudha, this tower is topped off. Pictures are from the snowdays about 2 or 3 weeks ago. The high-rise will has 90 three to six-room apartments. in 2010 it was written that 40 of them were already sold. Behind the tower there are a few building-blocks...