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israel architecture
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  1. Gush Dan
    Beer Yaakov Minrav Towers 3 x 15 fl u/c, 2014 -
  2. Tel Aviv
    Competition for the new CheckPoint Computer Sciences Faculty - youth building at Tel Aviv University 5 fl winning design Kimmel Eshkolot Architects
  3. Netanya and Sharon
    NETANYA South Beach Tower 21 fl, completed 2013
  4. Netanya and Sharon
    HOD HASHARON Y-Vision Towers 2 x 16 fl u/c start 1/2014
  5. Netanya and Sharon
    NETANYA Lagoon WEST Hotel 17 fl, u/c news article: 7/2013 273-room Netanya hotel approved The seafront Lagoon hotel, residential and commercial project will cost more than NIS 1 billion to build. Dizengoff Trading Company Ltd., owned by the Zelicha family, has obtained a building permit to...
  6. Jerusalem
    Batim Mibifnim - בתים מבפנים ירושלים 2013 Jerusalem "Houses from Within" architecture event (OPEN HOUSE JLM 7) 7-8-9.11.2013 The next Jerusalem event will take place on November 7-8-9! (Once again, we kick off on Thursday). The registration to the tours will...
  7. Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv Ambassador Hotel Opposite from the Opera Tower adding 3 floors and renovating the Yarkon hostel building facing the Knesset circle fountain status: Approved architect: Israel Godovich
  8. Jerusalem
    Jerusalem ביאנקיני ירושלים 18 Bianchini St. floors: 11 fl status: u/c by: Ampa Malibu
  9. Tel Aviv
    Tel Aviv Oro Tower location: Yafo floors: 12 fl developer: Acro Group architects: Pivko Architects
  10. Gush Dan
    Holon Aura Boulevard floors: 21 fl status: u/c start: 7/2013 Aura Investments
  11. Jerusalem
    First japanese influence in Jerusalem architecture: Japanese SANAA Architects together with Israeli associate architects Nir Kotz Architects unveiled the design of the new Bezalel Academy of Art & Design campus in the city center. The new campus building will cost $100m and will open 2017...
  12. Tel Aviv
    WEST Tel Aviv vacation residences + hotel Tzuk beach tower 1 completed tower 2 u/c
  13. Gush Dan
    Ramat Hasharon | Rimonei Tidhar | 2 x 21 fl | U/C
  14. Jerusalem
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  15. Tel Aviv
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  16. Tel Aviv
    We TLV Renders:
  17. Tel Aviv
    removed due to ssc policy against israeli forums
  18. Tel Aviv
    Location: Menachem Begin Road Floors: 50 Start date: 2013 est. ompletion: ?
  19. Gush Dan
    Location: Diamonds District (Bursa) Floors: 37 Height: 153m (501ft) Start date: 2011 est. ompletion: 2014 Another Office project from Amot Investments ltd. This one will be one of 3 towers to built on the southern strip of Ramat Gan CBD. Render: . .
  20. Photo Forum
    Ramot, Golan Highs Rishon Lezion Ginot Shomron Kfar Hes
21-40 of 41 Results