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  1. General Photography
    "La Bella Italia - The Most Beautiful Place on Earth"
  2. Northeast and MidAtlantic
    On July 14, I visited Buffalo and went to the Sorrento Cheese Italian Heritage Festival, which takes place in Buffalo's Little Italy on Hertel Avenue in the North end of the city. The Buffalo Italian Festival is the second largest Italian celebration in the United States in terms of attendance...
  3. General Photography
    Italian Swiss Swiss Italian is the name given to the dialect spoken by about 500,000 Swiss in the canton of Ticino and in the southern part of Graubünden (Canton Grigioni). Sometimes the term is also used to signify the Italian-speaking autochthonous population in Switzerland. It should not...
  4. General Photography
    "The Islands Of The Italian Sea"
  5. General Developments and Discussions
    Please post the photos of your favourite small cars with the emphasis on aesthetics rather than on efficiency. If it has both, then it's even better. Please no lengthy discussions of auto industry news, just the picture and a few facts if available. I recently discovered Fiat 500, and it...
1-6 of 7 Results