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  1. Angola em imagens
    Boas pessoal! Cá vai mais um thread para reportar umas das minhas viagens (Feb 2017). As cidades/áreas visitadas foram: Tel Aviv, Petra, Aqaba, Wadi Rum, Eilat e Jerusalém.. Passamos ainda pelo Mar Morto e Mar Vermelho. :cheers: Mapa do tour
  2. Urban Showcase
    ...more.. later.
  3. Jordan
    AMMAN, Jordan (AP) — Jordan's tourist minister has welcomed budget airline EasyJet's new low fare route to the capital Amman, saying it will boost the country's tourism industry. Minister Zeid Qsous called the start of regular EasyJet flights on March 27 "good news" because the company was a...
  4. Fotoforum
    M'n 1e keer naar het midden-oosten (als je een jaar ervoor 2 dagen marokko niet meerekent, noord-afrika). De andere topic (van een jaar later + andere plaatsen) repareer en update ik binnenkort. Had deze serie nog ergens liggen. Dus ook maar even hier plaatsen. 30 juni vertrokken en 4 augustus...
  5. Jordan
    More than 2% every month that is just way too much, although the impact on average consumer seems higher :ohno: AMMAN (JT) - Inflation rate for the first half of this year reached 13.31 per cent as the consumer price index rose to 136.61 points from 120.56 points during the first half of last...
  6. Sports Center
    I'm surprised we don't have a cycling thread yet. Well its spring and many people are starting to take out their bicycles and storing their skis/snowboards away. It was 20c today, the warmest day of the year so far so I took out my bike hoping to ride for a couple hours, but my tires were...
  7. Jordan
    Amman ( عمان) Location: The City
  8. Jordan
    Hello, Check this out :banana: already posted it in the highrises the Jordan Gate is located in Western Amman and it's an office, retailer outlet and will be hosting the Hilton, i don't have any information about the final height as i think it was modified, but you can guess :nuts:
  9. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    A Jordânia (em árabe: الأردن‎‎; transl.: al-Urdunn), oficialmente o Reino Haxemita da Jordânia, é um país do Sudoeste Asiático localizado na margem leste do rio Jordão. Faz fronteira com a Arábia Saudita ao leste e sul, Iraque ao nordeste, Síria ao norte, Israel e Palestina ao oeste e o mar...
1-9 of 13 Results