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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Sudão | Sudan O Sudão, é um país africano, limitado a norte pelo Egito, a leste pelo Mar Vermelho, por onde faz fronteira com a Arábia Saudita, pela Eritreia e pela Etiópia, a sul pelo Sudão do Sul e a oeste pela República Centro-Africana, Chade e Líbia. O Rio Nilo divide o país em duas...
  2. Sudan
    I'm looking for someone or an agency were i can get topography (terrain, contour lines) and that would include the Rivers, Roads, Buildings, Agriculture, building height of the Khartoum area Sudan , by using Autocad, sketchup, revit, rhino, or 3dmax to create 3d model. this is for school project
  3. Projects and Construction
    The project is located in Khartoum state on Gamhouriya Avenue with an area of 8000m2. It belongs to the Sudanese Social Insurance Investment Authority (SSIA) and composed of 3 office towers.
  4. Airports
    New Khartoum international Airport (video) I don't really have alot of information about the construction. but here is the link for the video:
1-4 of 6 Results