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  1. Kolkata
    Super Luxury Condominium in the heart of Ballygunge. Location - 67A/1 Ballygunge Circular Road, Kolkata- 700019 opp. Tivoli Court Spec - 1 Tower, Basement + 20 levels [Skyvillas & Penthouses] Height - 285 ft [~87 meters] Architect - Agrawal & Agrawal [J.P.Agrawal] Official Website - DRA Group
  2. General Urban Developments
    The newest uber cool, kuxury condominium of Kolkata, will make its mark in the soaring skyline of the city.
  3. Skyscrapers
    The most iconic tower of the city till now has commenced construction & is hailed as the most luxurious address to be in the Eastern part of India.
  4. Kolkata
    A Magnificent Commercial Tower which will become a Landmark
  5. Kolkata
    Like many other projects in West Bengal, this one too has a story with twists and turns thanks to petty politics of the two major political parties. The original project was kicked off by India's finance minister Mr Pranab Mukherjee in 2010. The project did not make any progress because of...
  6. Kolkata
    Location: 60/1, Ballygunge Circular Road Category: Residential - skyvillas Developer: Mani Group Status: Topped Out. Completion mid 2012. Details: One of the Premium projects of Kolkata, this 18(2B+G+17) storied residential edifice is Kolkata's first 'skyvilla' project, which is nearing...
  7. Kolkata
    An Ultra Luxurious Residential Tower coming up @ Ballygunge Sri Avani, redifines lifestyle and have taken luxury to its summit. Located in Ballygunge, opposite St. Lawerence School, Sri Avani would give you the privacy of a villa, the lifestyle of a plush resort and the advantage of having...
  8. Kolkata
    Location: VIP Road near Ultadanga Category: Residential Developer: Diamond Group Launched: 2010 Status: Under Construction. Estimated completion 2014. Project Details: 2B+LG+UG+17 storey tall residential complex on VIP Road consisting of 2 towers. Elegantly built towers boasting 236 swank...
  9. Kolkata
    @ Sun & all other forumers I'm opening this new thread to list and integrate all IT & Business parks, existing & upcoming, which is primarily scattered in various other threads. It will contain pics & small infos on each project & all updates & changes related to each project can be posted here...
  10. Showcase Gallery
    VIEW - Central The J L Nehru Road flyover & Stretches of the Maidan area on a cloudy day Zoomed in, the BBD Bag skyline in the distance
  11. Subways and Urban Transport
    Kolkata, where I was born ‘n brought up, was the former capital of India. As a capital, British rulers planned for a good urban transportation. As a result, the starting of Kolkata tram happened. After some early failure, first horse tram was opened in 1880 by Lord Ripon. The first route was...
  12. Kolkata
    To all Kolkata Lovers Hi Guys, Just opened this new thread. I am sure all your valuable inputs will make this thread buzzing like a bee. It is time for Retail Therapy in Kolkata
  13. Kolkata
    Introduction Map
  14. Completed
    Yuva Bharati Krirangan Opened January 1984 Main Stadium of the 3rd South Asian Federation Games in 1987 Home stadium of the East Bengal Club, Mohun Bagan AC, and Mohammedan SC
  15. Completed
    Most of the original stadium has been raised to ground.... FILE PHOTOS The new stadia will be fully ready before 2011 cricket WC! renders construction work going on! ....earlier the stadium was able to accommodate 120,000 people... making it 22nd largest sports venue in the world...
  16. Kolkata
    I hope to discuss and update the commercial happening around the Kolkata Metropolitan area.
  17. Kolkata
    Dear Members, Please share information related to hotels and resturant projecs in Kolkata in this thread. Information regarding existing ones as well as ongoing and upcoming projects can be share here.
  18. Kolkata
    Hello guys i am making a new thread of sector v.I have taken pictures of all the major buildings there.I will post pics one by one.Thank you all for your support and i hope some of you can help in identification. Here's a little bit of history about Nabadiganta from the official website:
  19. Kolkata
    "Inauguration of Construction of superstructure of New Jubilee Bridge" Railway officials must be falling head over heels to please Miss Mamata's 'inauguration' spree in West Bengal. The project was mentioned as early as August 2004 by Eastern Railway's GM. 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009...
  20. Kolkata
    Google Earth May 18, 2009 updates City Center II and surroundings, New Town, Kolkata