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  1. Urban Showcase
    Hello y'all, I hope you're doing fine. Apart from my German thread, here I want to share some photo impressions I took in one of my favourite countries, South Korea. I took all these pictures on a trip in 2018, so hopefully I can provide you with an escape to a pre-corona world here. Index...
  2. Rate Our Talls: 250-299 meters
    World Business Center Busan, South Korea 265m/869ft tallest 51 floors tallest Residential WonWoo Architects & Engineers Co. Ltd. 2011 photos from CTBUH
  3. Rate Our Talls: Supertalls
    Northeast Asia Trade Tower Incheon, South Korea Height: 305m/1001ft Floors: 68 Function: Mixed Use Architect: Kohn Pedersen Fox Completed: 2011 photos from CTBUH
  4. News & Weather Channel
    Since Kelli hasn't spoken about this yet.. 22yr old American college student has died after returning to the US, he was placed in Jail in Norh Korea in March 2016 for tying to steal a North Korean poster, he was sentenced to a labour camp and then fell into a coma, the North Koreans are...
  5. Asia and Australia
    Seoul Forest the # by POSCO Towers Seoul, South Korea HEIGHT:160m FLOORS: 42 COMPLETION: 2014 ARCHITECT: ?
  6. General Urban Developments
    부산외국어대학교 Busan University of Foreign Studies Пусанский университет иностранных языков Пусанський університет іноземних мов Busan University of Foreign Studies (BUFS) is a one of the best universities in the field of foreign languages in the Republic of Korea. It located in Nam-gu (district)...
  7. Architecture
    The tower and shopping mall: Flickr에서 FabSeoul님의 Lotte Super Tower 123 - Dec. 16 Lotte Super Tower 123: Flickr에서 FabSeoul님의 Lotte Super Tower 123 - Dec. 16 Bottom part: Flickr에서 FabSeoul님의 Lotte Super Tower 123 - Dec. 16
  8. Zagranica
    Witam kochanych Rodaków :) Jako żem tu kompletnie nowy i świeży wypadało by się krótko przedstawić. Na imię mam Łukasz, pochodzę z Poznania. Od jakiegoś czasu zamieszkały w Azji - Tajwan - Kaohsiung (2 co do wielkości miasto na Tajwanie) i odbywający liczne podróże do Korei z takich lub innych...
  9. City/Metro Compilations
    The current name for Gyeonggi Province was first used in the 11th century (1026). The Gyeonggi area of the Korean Peninsula has served as the capital region for more than a thousand years. It now plays a vital role in the politics, economy, and culture of Korea. Korea is located in Northeast...
1-9 of 38 Results