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  1. Laos | Lao

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    O Laos, oficialmente República Democrática Popular do Laos, é um país do Sudeste Asiático, localizado na Indochina e limitado a norte pela China, a leste pelo Vietnã, a sul pelo Camboja, a sul e oeste pela Tailândia e a noroeste por Myanmar. Sua população foi estimada em 6,5 milhões de...
  2. Thai & Lao

    Siam Square
    G'day! I've been reading about Thai & Lao languages and found differing informations about their mutual intelligibility. Some say they are mutually intelligible, others say they aren't. Which one is right? I read that Isan in NE Thailand can easily communicate with Lao, but I'm wondering about...
  3. Low-Rise Projects & Constructions

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    ok since the mod didnt reply and there are 6:0 votes i ll open this thread
  4. Lao Aviation News and Discussion

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    Laos flight routes as of 2012, mid year soon to add Vientiane-Yangon Vientiane-Guangzhou, this flight was operated by china southern but was suspended
  5. Laos News Thread

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    News and discussions about Laos :okay: