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  1. Projects & Construction
    The largest convention center in Laos. A project by two Lao American brothers. In the video below, mentioned that they will build sports facilities on the parking deck and has plan for a 15-story condo across the street.
  2. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Laos, oficialmente República Democrática Popular do Laos, é um país do Sudeste Asiático, localizado na Indochina e limitado a norte pela China, a leste pelo Vietnã, a sul pelo Camboja, a sul e oeste pela Tailândia e a noroeste por Myanmar. Sua população foi estimada em 6,5 milhões de...
  3. Laos forum
    Borderless Competition: Designing Future ASEAN Borders The Borderless Competition brings attention to the spaces along the borders of the 10 ASEAN nations, with the aim of improving their existing conditions. While there has been much discussion about achieving a "borderless" condition...
  4. Infrastructure & Tourism
    Laos overpassed in 2012 its three million foreign tourists’ target Read more
  5. Cities and Places
    Lao's Sculpture, Architecture, Painting, Culture etc.
  6. Projects & Construction
    ok since the mod didnt reply and there are 6:0 votes i ll open this thread
  7. Urban Development & Infrastructure
    Laos Project & Construction
  8. Infrastructure & Tourism
    Laos flight routes as of 2012, mid year soon to add Vientiane-Yangon Vientiane-Guangzhou, this flight was operated by china southern but was suspended
  9. Economic & Finance
    Laos Economic Thread Laos raises GDP growth forecast level to 7.8 percent[/FONT]
  10. Cities and Places
    Kajuin waterfall - Luang Prabang Flickr Di4blo Flickr Di4blo Flickr Di4blo Flickr Di4blo Flickr Di4blo Vang Vieng Flickr Di4blo Blue Lagoon - Vang Vieng Flickr Di4blo Flickr Di4blo Kuangsi Waterfall Flickr Di4blo
  11. Highways & Autobahns
    LAOS Not only Vietnam and Cambodia are improving their roads in Southeast Asia, Laos is too. Into the 90's, it was hard to find long-distance paved roads. By now, most major highways are paved, although most rural areas have only that major highway, all other roads seems to be unpaved...
  12. Cities and Places
    LAOS | Vientaine Vientaine is the largest and capital city of Laos situated in the Mekong Valley. by Jim Delcid
  13. Serious Talk & Other Topics
    News and discussions about Laos :okay:
  14. Regional Thailand
    Wow!!! Very Interesting...I found this news from Laoupdate :) Congratulations to our closest neighbour! VTEtimes: Many foreign businesses are interested in the Xang Square Tourist Complex and some of them are already booking floor space in the centre. "Some of our units were already...