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  1. Latvia
    Company A/S Passenger has attributed the new tender of electrical trains to CAF, a Spanish company, the wining model is CIVITY. It is a huge blow to RVR-Bombardier association and also for Latvia in general. For RVR because it is their main activity. Ok, they lost the tram tender because they...
  2. Railways
    General info Network map Click to enlarge (self made) (official map) Lenght 1520mm gauge - 2375km (462km electrified) 750mm gaude - 33km ============================= The companies: Daughter companies of LDz Pasažieru Vilciens (Passenger Train)
  3. Regional development
    Thought I might as well post it here as well since it didn't create much interest in the general infrastructure section :) I'm really looking forward to this, hopefully they will change the line to go through Pärnu though. Would be great to be able to...
1-3 of 3 Results