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  1. Latvia
    I thought maybe you would be interested to know how Latvia is presented to the world in China. Although a bit behind schedule, now it is open. :dance: Here was the project: And here is the reality: There is even a video of flying in the tube on this page...
  2. Rīga
    The idea of this thread is to create the separate thread that will be devoted to photos of Riga's construction works and new buildings. (Especially to the first). While future project tenders are visible in Riga's Development Threads, this thread will show present reality of the city. I hope...
  3. Latvia
    Sorry, I lost my old thread about these items. Here goes the new one. - - - While I have included in "Riga city development news" several other cities in Riga metro (Jurmala, Jelgava, sigulda etc.), there is something more happening in the other areas of Latvia. No highrise plans outside Riga...
1-3 of 3 Results