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  1. Leicester and Leicestershire
    A thread about general developments in the St. George’s Cultural Quarter.
  2. Leicester and Leicestershire
    Information/images below (and for consulation feedback) from. : Developers: CityRegen Galliford Try Investments Architects: Maber Fly-through: Heights: It seems that the highest element will be a 18 storey tower on Burleys Way/St John Street corner.
  3. Leicester and Leicestershire
    After a very long-running saga, the University Hospitals of Leicester have been given funding to complete a £450m transformation of buildings and facilities. - New Maternity Hospital - Dedicated...
  4. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    .:: THE CITY OF LEICESTER ::. --POPULATION | 329,600-- Leicester by MentalMoses, on Flickr
  5. Leicester and Leicestershire
    total floorspace of 142,500 sq,ft sold in 1983 for £4650.00 once the home of the Wildt Mellor Bromley knitting machinery works
  6. Proposed
    Leicester City FC 1x League: 2016 3x League Cup: 1964, 1997, 2000 1x Supercup: 1971
  7. Leicester and Leicestershire
    Now that the Highcross is open, the Curve is soon to open and the Streets and Spaces Scheme is coming to an end what does Leicester need to bring it up to scratch and modernise it further?
  8. Leicester and Leicestershire
    UPDATE(21/12/2017): Hotel Street: 13 Bedroom Boutique Hotel as part of the Knight & Garter refurb of the former Saracen's Head/Molly O'Grady's Pub. Not sure if it will be run by same company? (Probably start within a couple of years). Conversion of Haymarket House into a TRAVELODGE...
  9. Leicester and Leicestershire
    I've started this thread in order to discuss anything and everything to do with retail within Leicester city centre. Although there is the Highcross thread, this thread is more concerned with the other parts of the city centre aswell. I'll start of with a brief round-up of recent/almost old...
  10. Leicester and Leicestershire
    This thread is to act as a directory of any essential websites that can be a useful source for Leicester's regeneration or for the city centre in general. If possible include a brief outline about the website you include. I'll try to add all the websites to this list with their descriptions...
  11. Leicester and Leicestershire
    This thread is to discuss anything to do with transport projects/schemes in Leicester. This can be about the buses, trains, park and ride, etc. Enderby Park & Ride scheme- proposed: Various new park and ride schemes will are to be introduced to Leicester in the coming years to help eleviate...
  12. Leicester and Leicestershire
    This thread is to discuss the 'other' Leicester developments, such as those that are not in the city centre, smaller projects, student accommodation, not included in the masteplan, etc. Please do not include major proposals/schemes or projects with their own threads on this thread
  13. Leicester and Leicestershire
    I know this is not a 'building' thread as normal, however, it is an important part of Leicester's regeneration. Gallowtree Gate has already been pedestrianised, with Market Street and Charles Street following suite and others thereafter; East Gates, Clock tower, Market Approach, High Street...
  14. Leicester and Leicestershire
    The digital Media Centre, to be built in Leicester's new Cultural Quarter, will be a unique development for the arts. So far its preliminary plans have been approved by the council, with a definite decision is expected early next year. The centre will include: -Three cinema auditoria: 224...
  15. Leicester and Leicestershire
    Colton Square is the first major development of purpose-built offices in Leicester for many years and forms phase 1 of Leicester Regeneration Company's Business Quarter. The 'Business Quarter' will be situated around the railway station, a large part of which will be phase 2, hopefully to start...
  16. London Metro Area
    Just seen something on BBC London about development in leicester square with a performance stage but there are fears it could lose its character and be covered with advertising billboards. here's an article i found on BBC NEWS Outdoor stage for West End square One of London's main squares...
  17. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Projectos em Londres (uso de vidro)!! So deixo aqui alguns exemplos do uso do vidro na construcao em Londres que eu pessoalmente gostaria de ver em Lisboa. Muitos novos predios em Lisboa usam muito betao e tinta e sinceramente espero que os nossos arquitectos abram os olhos e vao ver como se...
1-17 of 17 Results