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  1. Southeast Development News
    1l3RL8.AuSt.79 by givemeonions, on Flickr New tower on the northern edge of downtown Lexington
  2. Southeast
    Southeast Skylines Why not a picture thread for your favorite Southeast skylines? Stickied for your convenience! ;) Texas skylines will continue despite the overlap (since there's so many skylines in Texas!) Atlanta Skyline from the south by aaron.davidson, on Flickr
  3. General Urban Developments
    So many grand ambitions, all whittled down to 3 sad boxes: Another value-engineered redesign and this, apparently, is how it ends: =============================================================== Previously: From the Lexington Development thread...
  4. Southeast Development News
    Yet another redesign as well as a height reduction for Centrepoint. But it appears the project is firmly set to begin construction in late 2013 or early 2014...
1-4 of 4 Results