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  1. Proyectos Completados
    Construcción de la Biblioteca y Archivo Histórico del Ex Gobernador Rafael Hernandez Colón, nativo de la ciudad Señorial de Ponce. La obra combinará la rehabilitación de una estructura histórica, calle Mayor esquina Castillo y la construcción en el espacio que tenia la Mueblería Camacho en la...
  2. Classic Architecture
    Hi! I am currently doing research into façade refurbishment and its architectural impact. My main case study is the Glasgow University Library which is undergoing recladding at present and seems to be a controversial subject right now. This article give a gist of what it's all about...
  3. Nairobi Metro Region
  4. Design & Lifestyle
    There are various library and bookstore interiors that you can post it here. Here is some of the world's biggest library interior in the world
  5. Newcastle Metro Area
    . It occurred to me that there is still one or two gaps in our coverage of the various types of "cultural activity" that take place in Newcastle and the North East Region. We have individual threads covering our Restaurants, Pubs, Football, Entertainment Venues, Music Venues, etc . . In those...
  6. Leipzig
    To keep our international friends informed, I start this thread in english :) The German National Library was founded in 1912 and is collecting all books and other documents released in german language since then. Due to the history of two german states, it is now divided between Leipzig and...
  7. Казань
    ^^ актуальные рендеры проекта. Остальные в посте 17 4 мая 2007 года мэрия Казани объявила открытый конкурс на лучший эскизный проект национальной библиотеки. Нужно было спланировать застройку целого квартала. На рассмотрение было подано 10 проектов, и вот вчера в Казанской ратуше объявили...
1-10 of 10 Results