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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Sul dos Estados Unidos (conhecidos localmente como American South, Dixie, Down South ou simplesmente the South, "o Sul") é uma região distinta, de grande extensão territorial, situada no sudeste e centro-sul dos Estados Unidos. Devido à herança cultural e histórica característica da região...
  2. Southeast
    so I'm sure everyone here, or at least a nicely sized minority has heard of Baton Rouge. I recently moved there from Tampa and was thinking of ways to improve their skyline. IBM is constructing this center right along the river: Looking at the cities downtown, there is some great space for...
  3. Urban Showcase
    In March I was in New Orleans. On my blog there is an article about the houses in the French Quarter: But I also made some Skyscraper pictures:
  4. Southeast
    Construction in New Orleans by USACE HQ, on Flickr An evening photo of U.S. Army Corps of Engineers' work on the T-Wall in St. Bernard Parish in March 2011.
  5. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
    Greenwood Cementary, New Orleans by Vũ Nam, on Flickr
  6. Southeast
    Figured I'd pass along to you a nice shot taken today (05/24/2011) of the high Mississippi River in New Orleans. The river is at 17 feet above sea level in New Orleans, which is flood stage. At 20 feet, the river would begin to overtop levees in New Orleans. No worries, the river in New...
  7. General Developments and Discussions
    Since many coastal cities are at risk for flooding I thought I would create a thread here for this topic to showcase each cities different mechanisms for flood control. Anyways after Hurricane Katrina, the Army Corp of Engineers along with the local government have built and rebuilt levees and...
  8. Southeast
    At 500,000 square feet, the Bass Pro Shop in New Orleans will only be surpassed by the mammoth Bass Pro Shop in Springfield, MO. It will be built in the Lower Garden District on the Mississippi River and will be open by Superbowl 2013. It will be in this renovated 500,000 square foot former...
  9. Completed
    New Orleans Pelicans Opened on October 18, 1999
  10. Southeast
    Well, geez, it took 5 years. Glad they finally got around to's been tough on those kids the last few years--many have been in portable schools. As the 5th year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina approaches (this Sunday, August 29), today's announcement is, yet, another reminder to all...
  11. Southeast
    $275 million "redo" for the Hyatt Regency. That's not chump change for an existing building. It's about time. First, Katrina recovery, and then economic issues in the nation caused this project to be very delayed. But, times's coming back. It will fit it nicely with other projects...
  12. Cityscapes and Skyline Photos
  13. Southeast
    Last week, when the rig exploded and those 11 workers were killed, I thought to myself, "Wow, what a terrible accident and tragedy." It NEVER crossed my mind that a devastating oil spill would follow and lead to an environmental tragedy along the Gulf Coast....everything from wildlife, to...
  14. Southeast
    Up from 748 Kets in 2009! (and that doesn't count what was bought in the bars :cheers: ) Beautiful weather--over 512,000 attended the 3 day festival in New Orleans this past weekend. I had a blast. I'm pumped for Jazz Fest now!!! French Quarter Fest Sets Attendance Record 512,000 People...
  15. Urban Showcase
    Nola photostream ****Some of the numbers got off from me adding things in. so deal with it, lol.**** This is my 3rd trip I have taken to New Orleans and every time I go it gets better and better. There is just something about this town that words cannot describe, nor photographs. It just...
  16. Southeast
    Lake Charles, Louisiana, is trying to redevelop its all but dead downtown area. Watch this video to see part of the plans: The question is, will it actually work? The city wants to turn the parking lots surrounding its Civic Center (which was built...
  17. Completed
    LSU Tigers College 4x Champion: 1908, 1958, 2003, 2007 opened 1924 and renovated 2005
  18. Southeast Development News
    Four lane, 60 to 120 mile $4 billion traffic "loop" How do you feel about this project.
  19. Southeast
    Downtown New Orleans is the area of New Orleans west of the French Quarter. It is roughly bounded by Poydras Street to the west and Canal Street to the right. Canal Street signified the boundary between the French Quarter and the American Quarter, which is what the central business district...
1-19 of 27 Results