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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    O Sul dos Estados Unidos (conhecidos localmente como American South, Dixie, Down South ou simplesmente the South, "o Sul") é uma região distinta, de grande extensão territorial, situada no sudeste e centro-sul dos Estados Unidos. Devido à herança cultural e histórica característica da região...
  2. Southeast
    What are the lifestyle and urban feel differences between these metro areas? I understand it is a wide range, but are the strong qualitative differences, or just a difference in quantity? Pictures welcome.
  3. Southeast Development News
    Big news for our city! The Omni Hotel will break ground at the end of this month @courierjournal More info #new2lou #downtownlou #sharelouisville by Stacey Servo, on Flickr...
  4. North and South America
    National City Tower Louisville, United States HEIGHT: 158m/527feet FLOORS: 40floors COMPLETION: 1972 ARCHITECT: harrison abramovitz and abbe National City Tower, Louisville,Kentucky por roig61, no Flickr
  5. Southeast
    Southeast Skylines Why not a picture thread for your favorite Southeast skylines? Stickied for your convenience! ;) Texas skylines will continue despite the overlap (since there's so many skylines in Texas!) Atlanta Skyline from the south by aaron.davidson, on Flickr
  6. Southeast
    "21c Museum presents an exhibition of proposals by the University of Kentucky College of Design for future projects and development for the Shippingport area of Louisville. The College of Design focused on this area of west Louisville because it presents a potential for economic expansion...
  7. Southeast Development News
    Edited by moderation: A link to the previous thread: I thought I would start the new thread myself the other one seems rather large. Anyway I was driving by UofL today and noticed that the practice facility is really starting to take shape...
  8. Southeast
    I will try to post a fresh new photo taken somewhere around Louisville in this thread every day. The photos will be posted on the day i took them. Add one of yours if you take a photo in louisville, just remember the photo had to have been taken on the same day you post it.... i will try to...
1-8 of 11 Results