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  1. Bodetabek
    Urban Suites a mixed-use Transit Oriented Development connected to the Jabodetabek LRT Developer: PT. Urban Jakarta Propertindo Tbk. (d/h PT. Samsung Development) Architect: Studio Sae Public Area Consultant: Hirsch Bedner Associates Interior Designer: TBA Contractor: Waskita Karya...
  2. Subways and Urban Transport
    This thread will discuss about light rail transit project and development in Palembang, Indonesia. Now the light rail is under construction and hopefully will operate in mid 2018. This light rail built to support Asian Games event in 2018 since Palembang officially become co-host with Jakarta...
  3. Subways and Urban Transport
    This is thread about public transport in Rosario, Argentina
  4. Milwaukee
    I thought I would start this thread as an archive for never built transportation projects in the Milwaukee area, much like the unbuilt Milwaukee highrises thread I created. Much like the highrise thread this can be used as a reference if old projects come up as a topic of conversation in another...
  5. Almaty City and Metro Area
    Акимат Алматы хочет в сентябре разместить муниципальные ценные бумаги для реализации проекта создания легкого рельсового транспорта стоимостью 127 млн евро Алматы (Алма-Ата). 31 июля. ИНТЕРФАКС-КАЗАХСТАН - Акимат (администрация) Алматы хочет в сентябре этого года разместить муниципальные...
  6. Nur-Sultan (Astana)
    Астанинский скоростной трамвай copied&pasted from Wikipedia Астанинский скоростной трамвай (легкорельсовый транспорт, LRT) запланирован к сооружению в новой столице Казахстана, которая переживает бурный рост. Иногда о данной транспортной системе упоминают как о «лёгком метро». После обретения...
  7. Subways and Urban Transport
    Show your city Tram cars I'd like to see pics of operating tram cars (or even no-more in use ones, if you want) on tram networks around the world Models used in your city, but even, if you want, tracks, signals, facilities, depots or whatever you want to talk about :)
1-8 of 8 Results