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  1. Projectos e Construção
    Courtesy of Haroldo93
  2. Angola em imagens
    Bem-vindos ao principal tópico sobre a cidade de Luanda neste fórum! Luanda é a capital e a maior cidade de Angola. Foi fundada a 25 de Janeiro de 1576 pelo fidalgo e explorador português Paulo Dias de Novais, sob o nome de São Paulo da Assunção de Loanda. Conta com uma população de...
  3. Projectos e Construção
    Ainda não tenho grandes informações sobre este projecto. Mas em todo caso fica o thread lançado. Quem tiver mais noticias, partilhe sff. :cheers2:
  4. Resto del Mundo
  5. Skyscrapers
    I believe many African cities got a very beautiful skyline! Durban copy right of Cape Town Courtesy of Dirk Daniel Luanda courtesy of Luis Paderla Cairo copy right photography blogger!
  6. Зарубежье
    Luanda, Angola "Луанда без трущоб" /
  7. Angola em imagens
    Thread exclusivo para fotos tiradas entre o crepúsculo e a aurora. :)
  8. Angola em imagens
    As there is a project thread for the fast changing Ilha of Luanda...I will add a picture gallery ONLY....
  9. Projectos e Construção
    Projecto Jardim de Rosas custa USD 1, 5 bilião no total O País
  10. Africa: Photo Galleries
    A Rate our Talls thread was opened and was successful (thank Dennis, he actually started the thread, not me.) I want to open a Rate our Skylines thread to see how it goes. Post pictures of skylines of any African city over 150,000. Make sure there are at least 10 -15 posts between each skyline...
  11. Projectos e Construção
    please could someone verfiy it? is this old hotel getting a new facade? looks like a glass facade? this would be wonderful news:banana:
  12. Africa: Photo Galleries
    Resort on Mussolo Island I love those contrasts - old but wonderfully restored meets new one of the hospitals sad...but nice cemetry New Porsche Centre in Luanda Luanda Sul The final celebrations during CAN 2010...
  13. Completed
    Estadio 11 de Novembro, Luanda, Angola 2010 African Cup of Nations final venue
  14. Projectos e Construção
    Courtesy of Pfranco Location of project For more information, visit website:
  15. Projectos e Construção
    I would like to know if you believe in that, if this project is possible and what is your opinion about this ambitious, from my point of view, promess? Please answer my questions, give your opinion, make your contribution!:banana:
  16. Mundo Afora
    This is a new thread, I cannot find the old one showing the progress of Angola:)
  17. Projectos e Construção
    Luanda to gain real estate project named after late singer 1/21/09 6:19 PM Angola Luanda – A new real estate project named after late musician “Teta Lando”, composed of two towers containing 20 floors each and another one with 13 floors, will be built, at President Marien Ngoabi street, in...
  18. Projectos e Construção
    I created this topic to make a list of many projects under construction, for the moment i only listed the more than 15F towers Topic under construction, please Stick it ! HOT Map of Luanda with located projects : Wikimapia Proposed Approved Under Construction Topped Out Completed Towers...
1-20 of 37 Results