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  1. Railways
    Pics from
  2. Urban Showcase
    My trip : Vouziers : Villy, destroyed by the Germans in 1940 : Margut, the last French village before Belgium : We reach Belgium (Province de Luxembourg) with the Abbey of Orval : suddenly the weather becomes rainy. France is in the forest, Belgium in the plain ...
  3. Architecture
    Here are a few photos of its fourth extension (building located in Luxemburg). Three architects (team) are working on it, one of whom is Dominique Perrault. You've already heard about this project, perhaps.
  4. Luxembourg
    Palace of the Grand Duke This guy doesn't take crap from anyone! Town quarter called "Grund". This is one of the oldest parts of Luxembourg Pictures of the "Bockkasematten" defense fortifications Some other pics of Luxembourg...
1-5 of 6 Results