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  1. Photography and Videos
    Sandanski (Bulgarian: Сандански, formerly, until 1949 Свети Врач, Sveti Vrach) is a town and a recreation centre in South-Western Bulgaria, part of Blagoevgrad District, located picturesquely in a valley at the foot of Pirin Mountain, on both banks of the Sandanska Bistritsa River. Its...
  2. Photography and Videos
    Post any photos of Bulgarian heritage sites in any of the Balkan countries. there are plenty. churches, cultural centers, embassies bla bla:cheers: :)
  3. Photography and Videos
    To Rupite Rupite St Petka of Bulgaria church The tomb of Baba Vanga The house of Baba Vanga
  4. Photography and Videos
    Blagoevgrad (formerly: Gorna Dzhumaya) is a city of 76,000 residents and about 15,000 college students, and the administrative center of South-Western Bulgaria. The city has an old town (Varosha), a pedestrian downtown with shops and cafes, and two universities - South-Western U and American...
  5. Photography and Videos
    Okay, now i will show a citiy which really has european standart, people are showing here citiies in Bulgaria which are rather underdeveloped depending infrastructure etc but Razlog isn´t such a citiy. It has 30000 - 40000 citicen but is a beautiful mountain city, awesome mountain pics of both...
  6. Photography and Videos
    The town is situated in south west Bulgaria and has population of ~75k.Despite it's relatively small size the town is known in Bulgaria with it's vibrant nightlife(there are 2 universities in Blagoevgrad with ~15k students-not bad:D 20% of the towns population are crazy,young students :scouserd...
1-7 of 7 Results