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    Sandanski (Bulgarian: Сандански, formerly, until 1949 Свети Врач, Sveti Vrach) is a town and a recreation centre in South-Western Bulgaria, part of Blagoevgrad District, located picturesquely in a valley at the foot of Pirin Mountain, on both banks of the Sandanska Bistritsa River. Its...
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    The best Bulgarian ski resort city :)
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    Post any photos of Bulgarian heritage sites in any of the Balkan countries. there are plenty. churches, cultural centers, embassies bla bla:cheers: :)
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    To Rupite Rupite St Petka of Bulgaria church The tomb of Baba Vanga The house of Baba Vanga
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    Blagoevgrad (formerly: Gorna Dzhumaya) is a city of 76,000 residents and about 15,000 college students, and the administrative center of South-Western Bulgaria. The city has an old town (Varosha), a pedestrian downtown with shops and cafes, and two universities - South-Western U and American...
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    Okay, now i will show a citiy which really has european standart, people are showing here citiies in Bulgaria which are rather underdeveloped depending infrastructure etc but Razlog isn´t such a citiy. It has 30000 - 40000 citicen but is a beautiful mountain city, awesome mountain pics of both...
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    The town is situated in south west Bulgaria and has population of ~75k.Despite it's relatively small size the town is known in Bulgaria with it's vibrant nightlife(there are 2 universities in Blagoevgrad with ~15k students-not bad:D 20% of the towns population are crazy,young students :scouserd...