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  1. Madurai
    Friends, I regret sorry first to shuffle the threads again. It happened because of prevailing confusions & let's have more organised sector-specific threads under Madurai Sub-Forum so that we can post & discuss the things more accuarately. The new threads will replace the Old threads and I...
  2. Madurai
    Guys, I assume, as we dont have any thread to discuss things, citing comparison with other cities and that ultimately brings the other city forumers to our threads, creating lots of mis-directions, I am starting this thread "Madurai - Tea Kadai Bench"..:crazy2: We don't want to discourage the...
  3. Madurai
    Madurai, which is known to the world as a Temple City has a real strong industrial background. The TVS group's growth which looks really massive started from their establishment in Madurai dates back to the year 1911. They have their units of TVS Tyres (Srichakra tyres), ZF Electronics TVS, TVS...
  4. Madurai
    Modern Madurai - IT Parks,Malls & Multiplexes,Entertainment This thread is to discuss the developments changing the image of Madurai into a Modern-city : * Malls & Multiplexes * Theme Parks & Clubs * Other Entertainments in Madurai City * Retail-Boom in the city * Entry of Corporates into the...
  5. Madurai
    This thread is for discussing the road-transport development projects in7 around the temple city Madurai.. You can discuss the *Road projects *ROB'S *City-Buses *New Citybus routes *development of Madurai bus-stands *Things to decongest traffic in Madurai etc.. Rock on Guys...Good Luck
  6. Aviation and Airports
    Models of New Integrated Teminal Courtesy:mdu.Raja Note: Changed the wrong renders
  7. Madurai
    continue from here:
  8. Indian Cityscapes & Townscapes
    Madurai views by - Patiño 1 2 3 - Note the Meenakshi temple complex in the distance