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  1. Além-Fronteiras / Around The World
    Guiné Equatorial | Equatorial Guinea A Guiné Equatorial, oficialmente República da Guiné Equatorial, é um país da África Ocidental dividido em vários territórios descontínuos no Golfo da Guiné: um continental, Mbini (antiga colónia espanhola de Rio Muni), e outros insulares. A ilha de...
  2. Africa: Photo Galleries
    Malabo II is a new city which is being built from scratch in Equatorial Guinea. It is very hard to get any pictures about it, but I will do my best photos from early 2007 new mega highways:cheers: area from roadside plants new Municipality
  3. Africa: Projects and Construction
    Fasten your seatbelts. These projects - which I am also going to post - in the Central African thread, too just blew my mind. They desserve a special thread. They show many new projects in Equatorial Guinea (mainly for the new city Malabo II that is u/c and Bata and some provincial cities). I...
  4. Africa: Photo Galleries
    I think that these nice and personal pictures about Malabo - which are very easy to find, I got a side with thousands of these photos - should find their way here, too. Even if it is historic material and therefore by-gone. Moreover, people from other sub-forums do not hesitate to show...
  5. Africa: Projects and Construction
    Malabo is the capital of tiny Equatorial Guinea which was one of Africa´s poorest countries until the discovery of huge oil and gas reserves off its coast in the mid 90´s. It was the only Spanish colony in Africa. Nowadays in old Malabo many of its colonial heritage is being restored but as the...
1-5 of 5 Results